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GOG Sierra Bundles

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Quest for Glory has finally been released on GOG, all V episodes and both versions of the first QFG.

This finally explains who maintains the ownership for the series. Activision.

Highly recommended for fans of KQ series is Quest for Glory series. It was an RPG/Adventure hybrid series (last game is pure Action-RPG stripped of most adventure aspects). It had a few nods to the KQ series as easter eggs, and like KQ the game took ideas from both fairy tales and myths from around around the world
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  • I'd have to check the KQ Companion again, but if I recall
    correctly since it's more from Rosella's perspective, she spots something glistening in the shadows and goes to investigate the boat.

    Then again that's kinda how it works in the game as well, if you tell the game to look at the boat.

    From the game transcript; "You see a glint coming from inside the boat.", "You see a glint coming from one of the wrecked boats on the beach."

    However, this clue may only be in the SCI version and not in the AGI version! Making the puzzle much harder in the AGI version. But I'd have to check to confirm this.

    As for the tongue, it mentions her discovering it was too slippery on one side, and that she could only get handhold by working her way left. It talks about her trying to struggle very slowly inch by inch being careful where she put her hands, and trying not to get tripped up in her dress, since she knew if she slipped at that height, she wouldn't get a second chance.

    King's Quest, and other sierra games now sold as bundles combining the various sets.

    The King's Quest Bundle comes together for $20.97 (30% off of the full price of all 3 bought separately)

    Not bad for a collection that has King's Quest 1-8.

    Now they just need to add the KQ1SCI (and hopefully someday KQ4 AGI).
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    Jennifer Moderator
    Nice. I already grabbed them during the end of the world sale (the only Sierra game I'm still lacking from is SWAT 3), but it's nice they have packs for other games, and that they let you pick up games at a discount even if you already own some in the pack (I'll probably pick up the two Tex Murphy games that I haven't bought yet).
  • LSL collection updated to now include LSL6 SVGA.

    LSL7 now sold separately.
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    Jennifer Moderator
    BagginsKQ wrote: »
    For those who have complaining about it long and hard, PQ1AGI/EGA has now been added to the Police Quest pack at GOG.

    No updates to add KQ1 or SQ1, or LSL6 HD yet though.
    The Leisure Suit Larry (Larry Laffer) saga is now complete on (at least until Larry Reloaded is released). :) You stated this at the KQ sub-forum, so I'll quote you:
    BagginsKQ wrote: »
    LSL collection updated to now include LSL6 SVGA.

    LSL7 now sold separately.

    It's weird to say this, but Codemasters seems to be taking the best care of the Leisure Suit Larry license since Sierra closed. Hopefully they'll just keep the Larry Lovage games a distant memory, and we can all be happy. :)
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    Jennifer Moderator
    I just thought I'd add that the Windows version of King's Quest V (including the one that comes on is now completable with ScummVM (and is now in fact more stable than the original interpreter).

    The latest unstable build fixes the error where the game freezes just before the end battle (in the original interpreter this bug causes a heap space error).
  • Sierra SCI games still work best in Dosbox though, as far as I know. ScummVM is better for messing around with some of the windows alternate versions.
  • One of the prime examples of processor cycles messing up a puzzle in an older Sierra game is in LSL3: Passionate Patti in Pursuit of the Pulsating Pectorals. It comes in the gym when working out: the game uses the power of your processor to determine how many reps you have to do at each station. If you have a modern computer and do it at base power, you will wind up being at your computer for days. Using DOSbox, you can set the power of the processor in the emulator to reduce the reps required.

    Trust me, it was annoying as hell even on a low-end Pentium when I tried playing the game on a new computer in a long while.
  • Messing with the processor power still was a huge pain with GK1 in DOSBox. For some scenes you had to set it differently than others. I'm not sure if the GOG version is completable without fiddling.

    How is AGI with ScummVM?
  • AGI with scummVM works fine. Best I can tell. Although maybe walking is almost too slow (it throttles walking almost too much in every speed mode).

    You also get some extra bells and whistles including mouse support. Different sound support, amiga, pc speaker, etc. Different graphics modes.

    It also supports sound effects and music for apple IIGS version. But still missing Apple II graphics mode (so not a perfect emulation yet).

    Still have to use Dosbox to mess around with the original PCjr version of KQ1 though. As far as I know.
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