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Continued Lack Of Support

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This is filed under Telltales support ticket number 3738.

A few weeks ago, I purchased the Law And Order Legacies Episode Bundle for the iPad. Since then I have only been able to play episodes 1 and 2. The remaining episodes show "Coming Soon" with a greyed out "Get It" button.

On the main screen of the app, across the top in the scroll bar section I see "Welcome to Law & Order", followed by "Network connection is unavailable. Have you tried unplugging and replugging in your router?", "Look for new updates soon." and "Nurse, I spy gypsies. Run!". Yes I have a working and issue free network connection. I was even able to get epsiode two after my purchase.

If I click on the TellTale symbol to the left of the scroll bar, it brings up all of the TellTale apps in the App Store. If I click on the globe to the right of the scroll bar, a connect menu comes up and if I click on the Telltale button, Safari will launch and bring me to the Telltale website.

If I click on the PLAY button, I go to the episode screen. When I move to the very left of the episodes, I see a Multi-Pack option. I then click on the INFO button and a screen comes up and reads "You have purchased the Episode 2-7 Bundle. You are now able to install each episode as the become available in the Episode Menu.

I have told this to TellTales support many times, starting with the first email I sent them, and repeatedly in every email after. They seem to ignore what I write and go through a list of supposed fixes that I have told them I already tried; including powering off the iPad and uninstalling and reinstalling the game.

The last email I have from support is dated March 15. I have written to them many times and they are refusing to respond.

Is it too much to ask to have a company support their products, especially after they are purchased? I never thought TellTale would be this kind of company, I have previously thought better of them and until now have always talked about them and the quality they used to have.
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  • Here is good news for everyone who purchased an iPad episode bundle version for one of TellTales games.

    After complaining to iTunes and explaining everything to them, they finally admitted that they have had numerous complaints about TellTale and they will issue refunds:

    "after reviewing the circumstances of your case, I determined that issuing you a refund for your purchase of "Multi-Pack [All Episodes]" is an appropriate exception to the iTunes Store Terms and Conditions, which state that all sales are final."

    Since TellTale is now in the habit of taking our money and ignoring us, contact iTunes and request your money back.
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