[PS3] BTTF season episode 5 nowhere to be found on psn

A pretty long time ago i bought the full back to the future season on psn. I believe there where only 1 or 2 episodes out at the time. I've never got around to downloading the final episode, episode 5 but a few days ago i wanted to finally download it and now its gone from psn! I can only find the full season as like 1 download in the psn store but it wants me to pay for it again! And i've never downloaded it so its not in my previously downloaded list.
Im on the european psn store btw.
(damn that stupid new psn store, nothing but trouble)
I've already mailed sony about this and they said they would look into it and let me know in a week or two which is pretty much now and i still haven't heared from them.

Any tips? maybe im just overlooking something :\


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    I'm struggling with the same issue. In the summer of '11, I bought the '5 episode pass' when it was on sale. The fifth episode wasn't out at the time I think, but I downloaded the other 4. Now I want to play the entire game and look for episode 5, and it's nowhere to be found. Not only that, but when I browse through my history on the ps3 itself, the 100kb pass file has changed into 'episode 1 free' or something. It doesn't even recognize I bought every episode at some point. On my transaction history on the SEN site however, it does:


    Here (and on ps3 itself) it changed to 'episode 1':


    So, 2 problems actually: apparently I don't have a 5 episode pass anymore, and 2: it's not even on the store anymore apparently (EU PSN).

    I've played ep1 and enjoyed it, I'd really like to be able to finish the game :(

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