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Disney Buys Lucasfilm (and other stories)

posted by BlankCanvasDJ on - last edited - Viewed by 20.2K users
...and, by extension, LucasArts (since that's what we all really care about, I know).

I know, with the likes of Star Wars and Indiana Jones being snatched up, the LA catalogue probably isn't a big priority but I wonder what this could mean for the future of some of our favorite adventure games?

Could a Monkey Island theme park ride be in our future? Hmm.
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  • I thought it was common knowledge that, whenever a new LucasArts president takes over, the pet projects of the previous president are immediately shelved indefinitely or outright cancelled. See Battlefront 3, all external development, and the endless lineup of canned adventure games.
  • Harmy very recently released v2.1 of "Star Wars" (aka. A New Hope) on AVCHD in his "Despecialized" theatrical restoration project. I have to say that it looks fantastic. (It's on Myspleen if anyone is interested.)

    Pardon me if I fixate on Star Wars references for a while around here.

    ...Seriously, every Star Wars fan who remembers the OT from before the SE's should watch these.
  • Well...that...bites...

    Unless that means they're selling off LA's other licenses (since apparently they're only interested in Star Wars). Quick, TT, go spend some of that Walking Dead money!
  • I hope they do something with the licenses. In theory, if the entity to be known as Lucasarts becomes a "licensing model," then if a third party developer contacts them about licensing a game based on one of their properties, maybe they'll actually take the time to consider it. Or not, who knows. Maybe they'll have a sign on the door saying "Star Wars inquiries only"

    Sucks that people had to be laid off but you wonder what they've even been doing there for the past couple of years.
  • What the fuck?

    What about the games currently in development? 1313? That First Strike thing? I was interested in those!

    Well, shit.


    On the plus side, they may very well be open to other companies doing stuff with their various IPs now. More Monkey Island, anyone?
  • True. It's sad in a nostalgic kind of way, but it's not like Lucasarts has been a good game company in a long time. This may actually prove to be good news. Or it may be the last nail in the coffin for some of those franchises. :(

    I was kinda curious about 1313 though.
  • Darth Marsden;783505 said:
    On the plus side, they may very well be open to other companies doing stuff with their various IPs now. More Monkey Island, anyone?
    Not from Telltale, apparently. Reading that, it feels like LucasArts just died twice in the past half hour
  • You're killing me, man.
  • Too bad about 1313, but that thing was dead the second the last president left. Tradition is that the new incoming leadership kills the projects of the outgoing leadership.

    Edit: Actually, 1313 is not officially, truly, 110% dead yet. It might be saved if the Disney Overlords deems it worthy of being licensed out.
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