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How Do You Feel About Telltale's Direction?

posted by Alcoremortis on - last edited - Viewed by 6.7K users
Just like the good old days, back when a simple discussion of who the best male and female users on the forum were could turn into half the people here changing their avatars to eyevatars... and still seem perfectly natural.

I miss those days.
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  • St_Eddie;783779 said:
    * What did the new layout look like? Would anyone happen to have a screengrab at all?
    Just imagine a fully threaded forum, where every reply is linked to the message it's a reply to, and it's hard to find the new messages (though I think they're working on that). Oh, and it doesn't use BBCode, something else instead. And they won't let you use your own avatar without a third-party service.
    St_Eddie;783779 said:
    * Do we know when's the switchover's happening?
    Nothing's announced.
    St_Eddie;783779 said:
    * Will old threads and posts be deleted once the switchover has taken place?
    Supposedly not, though things may not be perfectly ported. After all, the current forums aren't threaded except by one initial anchor message per thread.
    St_Eddie;783779 said:
    * Would you like any toast?
    Have you got champagne?
  • It's not that we disagree with him; it's that goodbye, hello, I'm back threads are generally pointless unless the person is a pretty familiar face around the forum.
  • As I posted this elsewhere right as this thread was being created....
    WarpSpeed;783775 said:
    I'm cautiously hopeful that Fables will attract a better user base than The Walking Dead did. It doesn't take much to like a zombie TV show, but people attracted to a non-superhero comic might be a bit more refined. I guess we'll see, but yeah, if you all abandon the Telltale forums, there won't be much keeping me around here anymore, either.
  • It's basically Reddit, but with fewer cat pictures.
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    puzzlebox Telltale Staff
    In regards to the new site: we recently hired for a new position, VP of Online, and he's getting involved in the design. I'm not privy to the detail of exactly what is changing, but I believe the final release will be at least somewhat different to the beta.
  • Staying. I understand people want traditional adventure games, but I honestly don't have a problem with the type of games telltale are making right now. Just the audience they keep attracting with each game, which I can easily hide that forum and just stick around in general chat.
  • I'll only leave if all the people I talk to here leave. As long as there's a few lonely souls staying, I'll put in a token appearance. But I'll probably move my permanent residence to where ever the highest concentration of people seems to be headed.
  • Alcoremortis;783791 said:
    I'll only leave if all the people I talk to here leave. As long as there's a few lonely souls staying
  • I don't know where I am!
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