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How Do You Feel About Telltale's Direction?

posted by Alcoremortis on - last edited - Viewed by 6.6K users
Just like the good old days, back when a simple discussion of who the best male and female users on the forum were could turn into half the people here changing their avatars to eyevatars... and still seem perfectly natural.

I miss those days.
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  • Also I did enjoy TWD but was really disappointed at how half of the new people acted by complaining all the time about dates and taking over blog posts in the comments by changing the subject completely. I think that's why you can't comment in blog posts anymore:/
  • You know, not to be mean or whatever, but just because you're quitting something doesn't mean everyone is going to care.

    That being said, good night, and good luck.
  • Secret Fawful;783819 said:
    Listen to the first 45 seconds of that song imagining that the one singing it is the personification of the adventure game.

    Haha. That's awesome!
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    Blind Sniper Moderator
    Aesthetically speaking, I'm not a big fan of the grunge design they use on the beta.
  • I'm waiting for Telltale's "Jazz Odyssey: The Game"
  • jp-30;783869 said:
    I'm waiting for Telltale's "Jazz Odyssey: The Game"
    Does it go something like this?
  • Spinal Tap > Friends.
  • jp-30;783880 said:
    Spinal Tap > Friends.
    Quite. Infact...

    Spinal Tap > Everything else ever
  • daro2096;783753 said:
    Sorry it comes down to this but I am leaving this forum.

    Telltale Games is no longer the Telltale Games that I joined back in 2007. They no longer make proper point and click adventure games that I can play without violating my conscience. I have no interest in playing games that contain foul and vulgar language like the walking dead series.

    The Law and Order series that wasn't a true game, to be honest I felt ripped off by it. No real puzzles, nothing.

    Back to the Future a massive let down. By the way I never downloaded episodes 3 to 5.

    It is a pity that Telltale have gone downhill.

    So goodbye people it was fun while it lasted but am moving on.

    You're no worthy of a quitter if you didn't subject yourself to the suffering Back to the Future puts you through from start to that excuse of a climax.
  • Chyron8472;783799 said:
    I came for the games, but I stay for the community.
    Exactly. Entertaining, passionate people with similar interests are what make such forums fun.

    As a big fan of classic point-and-click adventures, I am disappointed with the direction that Telltale is taking. I have been turned off by statements from several recent Telltale representatives, who have each offered different variations of: "Point-and-click adventures with exploration and lots of puzzles are the past, we are the future. We want to take advantage of big hip pop culture IP's instead of traditional IP's or create original IP. We are evolving things. We have evolved. Let's all evolve. Let me use the words 'modern' and 'evolve' a few more times so you don't miss the key message." It's like they were all given a talking points memo of key terms and points to get across.

    Honestly, Telltale's new stuff feels like interactive movies with progressively less challenging and dumbed down gameplay. Don't consider this new or modern at all, but they can describe things however they wish. It's just sad that they are turning away from the classic adventure game community, when it is fans of the classic adventures who have been some of TTG's most passionate fans for years. I know a lot of people still like TTG's new interactive movie stuff, but I have less interest in it. Now when I see that a project is being developed by Telltale, I quickly move on. At no point in Telltale's history has it been as great or influential as either Sierra (certainly) or, even, LucasArts were; today Telltale is a very different developer than it was a few years ago, and a less attractive one to me.

    I think the people and moderators here on the forum are great, though.
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