Problem Replaying Game, Black Screen From Rewind

I accidentally posted this in iOS instead of Mac, so here I go again.

But anyway, I read the administrators post about resolving the issue of running into a black screen while trying to rewind to a previous point while playing the game, but whatever fix they issued didn't solve anything on my end. I purchased the game a week ago and finished it, but began replaying so I could make different decisions, and now it won't let me play past Episode 2.

Every time I click on Episode 2, a screen comes up asking if I want to "rewind to this checkpoint?" First of all, in this new game, I didn't even play that Episode yet, but whether I click Yes or No, I'm stuck with a black screen and have to quit the game so I'm not sitting there anymore without progress. I deleted the other saved game, so I'm only left with this one... so I don't know what to do. It's such a bummer because it's as if I paid for the game like it was a one-time rental instead of being able to play as many times as I want.

Telltale, please give me a response or a solution! :confused:


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