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I HATE Larry because...I love Kenny because...

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I HATE Larry because:

1.I saved his ass by giving him his pills but he punched me in the face to die at the drugstore.

2.He always treats me and blame me like a shit.

3.At the meat locker if you talk to him,he will say:YOU MUST REALLY HATE ME!.

I LOVE Kenny because:

1.He saved me back at the drugstore.

2.He always talk to you like a friend if you side with him at the drugstore and help him kill Larry.

3.If you say about your past to him,he will understand you MORE than anyone except Carley.

4.He has so much faith in you if you will have his back.

5.He did me a favor by killing f***ing Larry.

6.Finally,he will die like a HERO.
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  • I HATE Larry because ~ giant douchebag

    I love Kenny because ~ mustache
  • ...

    I liked Larry a bit...
  • Viner16;782565 said:

    I liked Larry a bit...
    ... Me too.......
  • Thanks for letting us know how you feel
  • I did like Larry to an extent. I don't like that if you side with him in the beginning, he still punches you and leaves you for dead in the drugstore, but he was INCREDIBLY funny!

    I loved Kenny because he was funny, mostly loyal (if you sided with him/helped his family), and because I have a soft spot in my heart for people who put their foot in their mouths. :P
  • Heh, by all rights I should bloody hate Larry, but I still found him interesting as a character. He was so consistently dickish with little tidbits of depth, like how his initial threat focused on Clementine's well-being as well as Lilly's. It made me sad that we couldn't have gotten to learn a bit more about him.
  • I wondered why so many people hated Kenny for killing Larry, as if Larry was your fucking best buddy or something

    I took Kenny's side because he and Carley were the most reliable people to me. I also wanted Larry dead.
  • When Larry told Lee that he had charm coming out of his ass, it made me laugh. He really seemed to hit it off with the mother. What I didnt understand was Larry told me I treated him like an asshole today. This was even after I told Mark he was just worried about Lilly, gave him food, and gave him the ax. I wonder if Lilly told him about the private conversation we had about Larry.
  • Larry was a reasonable character...
    Come on Lee was a murderer and he is over protective of Lilly
    He wasn't a bad guy really whilst Kenny was self centred and he forgot everything you have ever done for him the moment you do one thing he dislikes
    I prefer Larry to Kenny because Larry is consistent, Kenny is treacherous
  • If you saw a known murderer hiding his true identity (not telling ppl he's a convicted felon) getting in good with members of the group and the one person you truly care about, would you not be on guard constantly? I mean, what if he ended up like Thomas Richards in the comics and goes on a killing spree?

    Also, we know Larry has lost a lot of loved ones since this all started and he believes that he could've prevented them, so now he's making sure there is 0% that Lee can do anything to Lilly.
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