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DLC before season 2

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I'm happy that we are getting somthing before S2 but any ideas what it might be?

Personally I want a dlc pack that allows you to have even more outcomes to the story and characters like being able to save Carley so that she can be in the other episodes or save duck and hopefully an alternate ending where Lee doesn't die and an option for someone else to get bitten.

What ever the dlc will be I'm sure it will be somthing worth while before season 2 :)
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  • I can almost positively guarantee it won't be an alteration of the existing first season via DLC or whatever. It'd simply be too much work to go back and edit the old stuff, and it'd alter the story significantly - and despite the vocal minority of people claiming to want that, we'd all know it was a retcon and nobody really likes those.

    It'll probably be a stand-alone episode, maybe a prequel to the forthcoming season 2.

    But don't let me stop you from dreaming "what if"!
  • Imagining a Standalone Episode or some sort of "Director's Cut" Edition/DLC.
  • I'll second the expectation of it being a prequel of sorts for some of season 2's characters. It's fairly safe to say they aren't going to change any of the outcomes of the first season at this point.
  • Lee was shot or left in the store and suddenly Clementine is in the countryside. So i assume the DLC will clarify what happened before that cliffhanger and S2 will continue after that.
  • I know there are some rumors about a phantom "episode 6" that popped up when someone fired up the game. Even if I hadn't heard the rumor, I would assume that it's some sort of playable stand alone episode or a movie-based episode.

    As long as it doesn't alter the story of S1 (alternate endings, Carly/Doug lives, so on), I will be happy. A prequel or an interlude would be nice!
  • I think if they did something like this it should be only as a teaser and maybe only alter it so that your final choice words to Clem (find the train, keep moving, etc) actually mattered in a big way. It'd be interesting to see the small clip after the credits change slightly depending on what you said to her.
  • I'll quote myself from another thread, to post my idea here as well, as I'm too lazy to write half a novel at 5.48 am :D
    ZeroShoot said:
    My theory is, that Clementine did as you said, whether it was "find a boat", "go to the train", "look for Omid and Christa on the roofs" or anything, and she probably found them, then something happened, that either killed them or seperated her from them, which caused her to leave Savannah / the train. And I personally draw the conclusion, that we'll get to play those happenings in the "bonus", which hopefully comes soon. There we'll see about the remaining characters, and about how Clem tries to cope with her loss, eventually she is forced to leave everything behind and to move on, to start over from scratch, as she sees 2 figures in the distance, BAM "bonus" or "Episode 6" ends, we see the same teaser, we saw after the credits of EP 5, or even a little preview/trailer to S2.

    Nothing of that is official or anything, just me imagining how they could continue her story, without implementing stupid flashbacks, that'd show what happened between S1 and 2, and thinking about what that "bonus" could be.
  • I would be more than happy to start where it ended because there are still a lot of loose ties to clear up.Omid and Christa on one of my playthroughs i told them to me at the Hotel when they got down,did they get down? did they get eaten? did Omid Fall again? LOL am i dead? dream scenario would be a : Lee wakes up after being out for 2 days,makes his way out of the jewlery store in the footsteps of Clem and where he told her to go(boat/meet new group/countryside/find O & C/) and he runs into O & C and helps them out ,then they set off as a threesome into the countryside for Season 2.

    ALSO there is a scene in WD a flashback of Omid and Christa fighting zombies somewhere,where is this scene from? what location?
  • ALSO forgot to add,IF WD2 is out in the Fall,well the add on for S1 has to be this summer :D anytime now!!!!! :D
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