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The XBOX 720 and stuff

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I just came across this article talking about how the upcoming "Xbox 720" will have always-on DRM protection and may block used games via one-time-use activations codes. How would you all feel about this?

Personally, with the patent filing of how the Kinect can block the use of "unlicensed people" watching a rented or purchased movie, I think I'm going to go ahead and get a Playstation 4 now. Microsoft is going in the wrong direction (on various products), and the Xbox was the only one I was happy with. Welp, I have rid my life of Windows, and soon the Xbox.
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  • I take these rumours with a huge grain of salt. Articles were saying similar things about the PS4 before its reveal. Until Microsoft officially comes out with actual information about the "720", I'm going to go on believing it will work fine offline.

    The fact is that there are still plenty of people who simply don't network their consoles, and more who have shoddy connections. Microsoft would be crazy to write off these potential customers.
  • When E3 hits and Microsoft confirms the Specs and we find out if everything is true or not I will comment until then I remain hopeful that Micosoft does not create a console aimed specifically at casual gamers focused on Kinect and making as much money as possible over actual happiness or gamers...
    If these rumours are true then...
  • And what's worse is that on Twitter people have been saying that someone from Mircosoft has been insulting people who don't like it. Screwattack also said about it on last nights hard news.
  • Old news. Old rumour... that after over a year, still hasn't been denied.

    Xbox fans, watch out.

    I will add that this is a bit more than a rumour. This all picked up steam when there was an actual communication from Microsoft. It was a little questionnaire type deal they sent to developers and publishers that wanted their opinions on certain things. This was included. We don't know their response or if Microsoft is still pushing for it. Yes, they wanted it at some point.
  • No Mircosoft is pushing it when they insult people who don't agree with this whole online bullshit.
  • If this turns out to be true then Microsoft can go fuck themselves. Scratch that, Microsoft can go fuck themselves regardless. I'll stick with my Playstation3 (which I purchased over a 360 because of the whole 'red ring of death' bullshit), thanks.

    If I do purchase a next-gen console then it'll almost certainly be a PS4. Having said that; it all comes down to which console hosts the best games (and whether I can play those game offline and show them off on my shelf, in nice retail boxes).
  • St_Eddie wrote: »
    (which I purchased over a 360 because of the whole 'red ring of death' bullshit), thanks.

    That made me chuckle as my PS3 just recently broke down and my 360 has yet to have any problems what so ever :p

    As for the rumors. If they are true, I am not buying the nextbox at all, and if they aren't, then maybe. So far it is looking like a PS4/WiiU combo when it comes to consoles this gen.
  • This will be the norm in the next ten years for all major game system developers.
  • I think my next generation console will be a new PC. Or at least an upgraded one.
  • The CEO of GameStop said the new XBox looks great this week. I feel like it probably wouldn't be saying that if the thing was going to destroy all those used games profits GameStop lives on.
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