Telltale Games Youtube Network?

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My friend recently asked me why I was partnered with Telltale, and I said that I wasn't. He then sent me this.

I don't understand why I'm in this network. I never applied for it, I never even knew it existed. Does anyone have any idea what this network is and why it exists?

I mean, there are people who play through Telltale's games on these channels, and I've mentioned them in my videos. Could it be something to do with tags?

I'm just slightly confused here. Hopefully someone can fill me in.


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    If you look at the bottom, it says: "Please Note: Users shown in this table are either IN the network (i.e. signed a contract) or been CLAIMED BY the network (i.e. uploaded copyrighted music and are claimed by a music company)."

    If you ever uploaded a video that included gameplay or music from a Telltale game, that would be the reason why.
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    Oh I see. Thanks for clearing that up. I was incredibly confused for a while there.
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