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The Stranger

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Does the stranger's attitude toward you change at all depending on the people that you killed, let die, etc. throughout the game? I mean, if I avoided death as much as possible, will his dialogue change (other than not mentioning the event itself)? For example, if I let both St. Johns live, will he care any differently than if I killed them both? Or will he simply just not bring it up and his other dialogue is the same?
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  • From what I know he will not change much and some dialogues like the one with Lilly or the St. Johns will not be mention when you let them live or take Lilly with you.
  • From what I can tell, he will still hate your guts, but he will hate your guts more if you chose the less moral options more often. You can't dissuade him from his path, but you can make him at least respect you, kinda. I believe he takes Clem for revenge if you play as douche bag Lee, or takes her for protection (and insanity) if you're nice Lee.
  • seems like he was more focused on what you did to his car and supplies and how much bad stuff clem as been through/seen/done.
  • He's not a fan no matter what you do. There's certain stuff he'll blame you for regardless, e.g. the Doug/Carley choice... if nothing else, he'll hold that against you no matter which one you pick.
  • Yeah, you can't win. No matter what you chose he will hate. Leave her at the house when you are at Crawford? He'll be pissed because 1 walker made it inside and could have killed her. Take her to Crawford? Tells you how she would have been alone(exactly what he snaps about otherwise). He gets mad if you try to go to the dairy, as if you knew they were messed up people(I knew ;) ). So what happens if you try not to go to the dairy? He gets pissed that you didn't try to keep her safe and fed;protected.

    I just feel like going "Asshole, I'm a fucking time traveler, and no matter what choice I make you get a temper tantrum over doing the exact opposite. If I could do both to shut you the fuck up, I would. You'd probably get more mad I broke the fourth wall, you damn hypocrite. And at least I have my little girl, and my lover lasted longer. Your wife is in a bag, and you had two kids; where are they? I thought you said you could do better!? What happened bud? Well hurry up Clem, slap him upside the head so I can kill him already..."

    Is that an option? Can I choose that dialogue? Sometimes I have to remember this is a game.
  • I played a mostly ruthless/pragmatic Lee (killed the St. Johns, stole the food, abandoned Lilly, dropped Ben), so the Stranger was pretty furious with me for virtually all my choices.

    I kept my ruthless streak going when I then strangled him to death with my one remaining hand and then shot him in the head.
  • i made clem kill him

    felt she needed to do it, that way she gets over her fear of killing walkers ;)

    i'm evil aren't i ?
  • If he had sneezed, and Lee had forgotten to say "Bless you," he probably would have shot him. Dude's fucked up.
  • Rock114;785629 said:
    If he had sneezed, and Lee had forgotten to say "Bless you," he probably would have shot him. Dude's fucked up.
    I always thought it'd be funny if he held leaving Duck hanging against you. :D
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