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The Wolf Among Us in Game Informer

posted by puzzlebox Telltale Staff on - last edited - Viewed by 8.9K users
Just wanted to let y'all know that the latest issue of Game Informer has an 8-page spread on The Wolf Among Us, including an interview with lead writer Pierre Shorette and lead designer Ryan Kaufman, not to mention a whole bunch of brand new artwork and screenshots. The issue is out today digitally, and next week in print. Check it out if you can!
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  • I hope someone's going to cover it, because all the news that's coming out from this issue is pretty much "ZOMG NEW ARKHAM GAME TAKE ALL MY BATMONIES!"
  • Can't wait to get my issue next week. I'm excited to see more of the art within this game.
  • Someone who can tell us what GameInformer said about the game?
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    puzzlebox Telltale Staff
    Jennifer wrote: »
    All I can say is: holy monkey bladders! :D

    The artwork on the teaser image that's out there is the art style of the game. I thought The Walking Dead looked like a moving comic book, but that's nothing compared to this.

    I'm so excited to FINALLY be able to talk about this with people in the "outside world"! Everything in the article is screenshots and actual character models, not concept art - the phrase being thrown around a lot is "living ink". I'm really looking forward to this one.
  • Fables ranks as one of my favorite comic books out there and Bigby has to be my most loved character from that series. Telltale, you killed it with TWD. Many fable fans, myself included, know the license is in good hands. Especially from what I can gather, the game sounds like it is coming together quite nicely. This will be a day one purchase for the whole season (hopefully it will be a bit longer then TWD though...). I can't wait to hear more and hopefully see the art direction in action. I hope the seasons following the first continue to have Bigby as the lead because he is a boss. Unless Telltale occasionally wants to break from the mold and have the player assume the role of Cinderella to do some espionage and a$$ kicking. Looks great, looking forward to more news and a release date.
  • Jennifer wrote: »
    The Wolf Among Us will also have the opportunity to choose when to go to different locations, making the events unfold in different ways. Two events will happen at the same time, and the other event will still unfold regardless of whether you've experienced it first-hand or not, giving the game an extra element of realism (and replay value).

    Ooh! Sounds Last Express-y!
  • Ooh! Sounds Last Express-y!

    That, and it sounds like it'll quell a lot of the complaints people had about choices in The Walking Dead "not mattering" because you were forced to go to one place regardless.
  • Looks like Mike Stemmle's not the Fables lead guy any longer. I assume he's still involved in the episodes, though.
    Sounds promising. Any chance to see these screenshots on the Telltale website too? :-)
  • I don't think he was ever the lead on it, just one of the contributing writers/designers (and I don't mean that disparagingly) but he was the first of the team to talk on the forums about the game.
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