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Why the 2 week delay?

posted by BrianBoyko on - last edited - Viewed by 847 users
Just curious, why is there a two-week delay between pre-order and release? I'm assuming you're pretty much done with the game at this point? Why not release it now?

And if you're not done with the game - anything we can do to help make a better game?
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  • Consoles. They are most likely waiting for the console release date to release it on PC as those are a bit more strict on when something can come out. And Microsoft has been rumored to deny games that are released elsewhere first.
  • Give people a chance to preorder the game. Maybe?
    I don't know. A preorder period that's 1 hour long seems strangely ineffective to me. And since they wanted to keep things a secret until the announcement on the 1st (failing miserably at it btw.) when would you have put that preorder period. They could have done it while the game was unfinished but they don't do that normally.
  • There are also likely other legal reasons and business concerns, such as timing the sale when the most sales are likely, as well as to encourage as much hype as possible with pre-ordering. The more pre-orders the better, as their gift of the first game is very little to them while being super enticing to a lot of people who might not have otherwise had or heard of the first game, so it ends up being win-win. Telltale didn't get where they are by being stupid with their money-making.
  • Eh, if I can wait SEVEN FRICKIN' MONTHS for Rayman Legends to hit the Wii U, I can wait two weeks for Poker Night 2. :P
  • Eh, if I can wait SEVEN FRICKIN' MONTHS for Rayman Legends to hit the Wii U, I can wait two weeks for Poker Night 2. :P

    Yeah, talk about unnecessary delays lol.
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    Blind Sniper Moderator
    Who said it was a delay? Poker Night probably was meant to be released across all platforms at the same time.
  • Don't PSN and XBLA traditionally update on different days of the week?

    Regardless of that thought, yeah, I think they are shooting for an as-close-to-simultaneous as possible release.
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    Yay for bureaucracy!
  • Gman5852 wrote: »
    Yeah, talk about unnecessary delays lol.

    I still haven't recovered from what they did with JP.
  • I just want to pre-order it... From Telltale... It can be pre-ordered on Steam, but I don't like Steam (nor Origin, Uplay, Win live, Rockstar social club nor any other forced "service").
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