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TWD not starting

posted by keinmitleid11 on - last edited - Viewed by 262 users
I picked up this game last night and play through an entire episode amazingly fun to play right after I got done with the first Ep. I alt tabbed to check something and the game crashed upon trying to return into the game. now when I click on the walking dead with steam I get a thinking wheel for a second then nothing else. then nothing helps here is what i have tried

checked video card drivers
removed local content from steam and re downloaded
unplugged my game pad
uninstalled steam and looked for all things walking dead or telltale games and deleted them
reinstalled steam reinstalled TWD

i am attaching the support data zip as welll

please help!!!!!
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  • since i posted this i took the logitech gaming software out of the startup once doing that and rebooting it looks like i have gotten further it looks like it is letting me in
    anyway around this I really enjoyed playing with my g13 hooked up
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