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[SPOILERS] Bring back Lilly..

posted by smokeyythabear on - last edited - Viewed by 1.2K users I can kill that b*tch. Please.
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  • Because Kenny isn't a hypocrite at all. -rolls eyes-
  • I hope Kenny gets to shut her ass up for good in S2.
  • Rock114;785742 said:
    You really think that a zombie Kenny will just so happen to walk across Georgia just to kill Lilly? Don't be ridiculous. That's impossible.

    ...because he's still alive. <- (is still in denial)</div>
    hahaha I see what you did there (troll face)
  • She's fair game to bring back, but it wasn't intended in the first place so I wouldn't assume she'd get a big role, but who knows? I would hope to get an option to react objectively to her though, considering the relationship would be a clean slate.
    Gratefully Dead;785750 said:
    Because Kenny isn't a hypocrite at all. -rolls eyes-
    Oh Kenny, you fair-weather friend you.
  • He kinda was, wasn't he? Oh well, he died well. Let's just keep him there with his face chewed off.
  • And keep Lilly where she can't shoot someone. That or lead them to ruins.
  • At least he pulled his head out of his ass by the end and realized how he'd been acting. And tried to make up for it, unlike a certain someone who had to wait until nobody was looking to make her move...
  • Redemption is a big theme I'm guessing. Ken let fear kill someone that nobody knew if they were really dead. Fear brought Lilly to kill someone she perceived as a threat as well. If you see it from their PoV that is.

    But Kenny is a 'bro' so we can't hold that against him.

    If Lilly gets a chance to redeem herself (i.e. coming back and protecting Clementine with her life while the new protagonist is unable to get there in time). I'm pretty sure people will change their opinions of her enough to not want to shoot her with flaming arrows up the arse.
  • If she saves Clem, she's forgiven. Until then, I'm lighting the arrows.
  • Eh... yeah... you're right. Regular arrows will work just fine! Lighted arrows are too good for her :D
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