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Was anyone offended by the "Southern cannibal family" in episode 2?

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I'd like to pose this question to players from Texas, or any of the red states for that matter. Were you annoyed by the cannibal family seen in episode 2 with the St. Johns?

Most of us guessed something was going on with the St. Johns even before we got to the dairy, but I was secretly hoping it wouldn't turn out to be cannibalism. THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE was one of the first movies to really perpetuate this stereotype, and although it's considered to be a horror classic (for good reason), the idea of people from the South inevitably turning out to be flesh-eating psychos has apparently persisted in the public subconscious.

Telltale tried to mitigate this somewhat by painting the St. Johns as a genuinely educated family (proven by the high school diplomas and college degrees Lee sees framed in the hallway), suggesting these people weren't inclined to cannibalism before the zombie outbreak, but were driven to desperate measures by desperate circumstances. Nonetheless, the cliche is still there.

(I should add that "having an education" is no guarantee someone isn't a psychopath/sociopath. One reason Jack the Ripper slipped away was very possibly due to the pompous Victorian attitude that an "educated man" would never be capable of committing such atrocities.)
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  • The St johns state on the way to the dairy they have plenty of milk cheese and butter stored. Then they go on to say they grow their own food and they have plenty. Not to mention the house is surrounded by corn. As for Southern Cannibal Thing damn near everyone in the story is southern and only 3 of them are eating people so I am not offended. If they were the only southern people then I could see a beef.
  • I'm offended that OP didn't have any decency to make up a better name for topic. I think that might spoil the episode 2 to many people.
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    I don't think people were offended. Also the story was written by someone who grew up in Georgia. I'm sure many of the ideas and subtleties Chuck had in the original pitch got lost, but it was coming from a place not aiming to offend, but entertain. I mean... I would go less chainsaw massacre and more Paula Deen with where the source is coming from, but whatever you see in it, you see in it.
  • I don't think they were eating people before the walkers showed up. Three months is a long time in a situation like an apocalypse. I think that they had plnty of food on Day 1, but everything hit the fan soquickly. Heck, Macon and Atlanta were already overrun by the end of Episode 1, which is barely a week in. Since the bandits were people from the Save-Lots, I'd imagine that since whoever was in charge of things in the area had told them to go there, they would be cared for or evacuated. Walkers get in, and the few people who survived (the bandits) had nothing left. So they got some guns and decided to take what they needed, like food. They stumble onto the St. John dairy and commence shooting the place up until they get what they want. Lots of the farmhands get killed, and the bandits decide to take all the food they can find. This would likely be after the walker attacks in the very beginning, because Andy says that they didn't have the fence at first. The crops likely got destroyedfor the most part by the walkers in the opening days, and with the bandits taking the food they had stored away from them, they then turned to cannabalism as a last resort. Probably started with the few farmhands they had left, then when they were gone they had to keep meeting the food quota for the bandits as well as keeping themselves fed.
  • My only guess as to why they became cannibals so quickly is that they were likely forced by the bandits into giving them food, they probably were made to kill their animals to feed them, but when it got down to just one cow there wasn't going to be any food afterwards for them. So maybe in just a heat of the moment, Danny killed someone, the family cut this person up and then gave him as meat to the bandits, they might of tried it to see if it tasted like actual meat, liked it and realized that this is another way of getting food.

    On it being offensive, well nearly all the characters are from Georgia, so it's really just a small couple who are sterotypical, even then I didn't think Andy was a huge stereotype, at least compared to Danny and MAMA'!
  • I thought Andy was cool. Right up until he tried shoving my face into an electric fence, I thought we could've been friends.
  • I was not, because I had the feeling how it would be to have Brenda and/or Andy in the group, I mean it would had been interesting. Danny would never had been a option for the group.
  • FoxxyFox;786354 said:
    I was not, because I had the feeling how it would be to have Brenda and/or Andy in the group, I mean it would had been interesting. Danny would never had been a option for the group.
    Ha! Is it because of his face? He just looks evil, the poor sap.
  • Sounds evil too
  • Mornai;786410 said:
    Ha! Is it because of his face? He just looks evil, the poor sap.

    Even with Kenny's mustache he looks evil. :eek:
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