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Soundtracks and Soundtracks Only

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Given the proliferation of "The X Threads", I've made a thread committed to music... but only soundtracks! Which ones have caught your interest lately? Why?

I remembered Musically Inspired discussing how he felt the original Batman theme was stronger than the new Batman theme of the Nolan trilogy. While I disagreed, I did agree about one thing... the Danny Elfman soundtrack is amazing.

It's awesome Hollywood music at its best. Bold, big, brassy. "Waltz to the Death" is a creepy track that just invokes the image of Joker dancing along at the top of the cathedral.

The actual Batman theme itself is interwoven into many of the action sequences, and the spirit of this 80s Batman just pops to mind. That raw fighter, cruising along through the skies, forming the Batman silhouette upon the moon. Awesome.
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  • Darth Marsden;778765 said:
    Is it sad that I knew what that was without even needing to click the link?
    Nah. Me too.
  • I can't believe nobody has mentioned Sonic Adventure 2 soundrack yet! Really!
  • I'm doubly amazed that Ryan hasn't done so.
  • I've been re-appreciating the 'Spirit' soundtrack recently. It may just be the mild nostalgia, but I rate this one pretty highly, even in spite of its occasional cheesiness.

    I also feel the need to give a mention to the 'Fable II' soundtrack, which has some might fine moments.
  • I do like Sonic Adventure 2's soundtrack and it is in my opinion the best Sonic soundtrack with songs like Metal Harbor,Escape from the City and Live and Learn but there is over ones i like including Jak & Daxter 1 and Sly Thieves in time.
  • I've used WinAmp to manage my music collection (soundtracks or otherwise) for years. I like it a lot for various reasons, which are similar in nature to why I love Firefox and Rockbox.

    Recently, I started helping a coworker to join the world of MP3s (she and her husband are still using CDs), while also helping her to find a good alternative to iTunes for managing her digital music (as she has an iPhone).

    Enter MediaMonkey. On most every site I found, where there someone else was looking for the same thing I was, people kept saying MedaMonkey is the way to go. Well, I tried it. It's... fantastic. Though it might not have as many skins as Winamp, it's got a crapton of features that I love--most notably that I can set up the interface to be braindead simple (while Winamp is forever stuck being fairly complex.)

    And, of course, with the CopyTrans iOS drivers, there's no need for iTunes to be installed whatsoever.

    Sorry if this sounds like an advertisement for MediaMonkey. It's just that I've been having a lot of fun with it, and the more I use it, the more impressed I am, because I keep finding ways to make it simpler to use than Winamp, while it increasingly becomes more and more superior to iTunes with regard to what it's capable of doing. And I really felt like mentioning it after I just now figured out how to duplicate iTunes' "Automatically Add to iTunes" folder functionality, without my having to think about rescanning like I do in Winamp, and with the files being moved instantly without needing to take time to process them like iTunes does.
  • I hated the latest iTunes for a while be have it rearranged too much, but I'm back to loving it again.
  • I hate iTunes because it's a resource hog, and it confines the user to only be able to do certain things in just a certain limited way.

    For example, the mp3 encoder in iTunes only has a few options (ie. "Fair; Good; Better; Best"). Also, iTunes doesn't want to work with any devices that are not made by Apple. I had to install a third-party software called "iTunes Agent" in order for to get iTunes to work with my father-in-law's SanDisk Sansa.

    I also quite agree with this lengthy comparison between Windows Media Player, iTunes, Winamp, and MediaMonkey. Granted, it is a bit dated, as MediaMonkey is v4.0 now.
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