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What if Larry never died and kills Carley/Doug instead of Lilly

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Let's say that Larry survives if you help Lilly with the cpr but Ben still makes the deal with the bandits , Lilly thinks that Carley and Ben are traitors but Larry thinks that Carley AND Lee are the culprits .
After the bandit invasion , Larry is pissed that they lost the motor inn and accuses both Lee and Carley as traitors then he gets Lilly's gun and aims at Lee , Carley/Doug pushes Lee out of the way and she/he gets shot instead , they capture Larry and Kenny suggests that they should leave him but Lilly protests so it would be like the Lilly situation but instead of Lilly it's Larry and the choices are the same : leave him or not
If you leave him you leave Lilly as well because she can't control her father or if you bring him Lilly and Larry steal the RV
So yeah this is pretty much a imaginative scenario where Lilly doesn't kill Carley/Doug but Larry kills them and i want to hear your opinions .
Would you leave Larry or bring him with you ?
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  • I'd leave him. I left Lilly when she murdered Carley, so I don't think I'd have much trouble leaving Larry.
  • I'd actually kill him, just as I kinda thought about doing to Lilly(good thing I couldn't). If HE killed the person I had come to love, there is no doubt in my mind I'd kill the bastard, and considering Lee was so protective of his wife, I could see him wanting Larry dead too. That's just me though. If it was Doug, I'd still want him dead, since he was one of Lee's greatest friends.
  • Thing is Lily did it because she was grieving and a bit loopy so I cant see Larry killing people. Hes sat too high on his horse judging people.
  • Wait, so you didn't see him punch Lee in the face and leave him to get eaten by walkers? Larry would totally try to ice Lee if he was given the opportunity, just like he tried to do at the drug store. The only thing he would regret is that Carley/Doug got in the way, and even then... He'd probably blame them for him shooting them, and say something along the lines of "He/She was too goddamn stupid to get out of the way! All I tried to do was protect my daughter!" That line really wouldn't work after blowing an innocent person's brains all over the road.
  • I don't really think he'll kill Carley. I'll kill the motherducker.
  • I left Lilly behind, so yeah, I'd leave him without even thinking about it.
  • Kill, kills, will kill, leave, leaves, will leave, in otherwords pretty much what you expect from me, par for the coarse
  • He wouldn't kill Doug/Carley. In his eyes, man responsible for everything bad was... Lee.
    Who's the traitor, Larry?
  • Omid's cat;838976 said:
    He wouldn't kill Doug/Carley. In his eyes, man responsible for everything bad was... Lee.
    Who's the traitor, Larry?
    He still acted like an asshole to Carley (calling her a bitch) and Doug (shoving him).
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