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The Walking Dead: Game crashes at start up. Want money back

posted by laway on - last edited - Viewed by 762 users

When i try to launch it nothing happens. I have the latest version of NVIdia drivers, my PC is powerful enough, i tried to disconnect all the controllers, re-install the game - nothing helps.

So, please contact me and tell me how to get my money back.

Thanks in advance.
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    DjNDB Moderator
    TWD does not officially support Windows 8.
    It does crash with a DINPUT8.dll error though, so the disconnecting the controllers should have helped.

    Some people have successfully worked around it by downloading a windows 7 dinput8.dll and putting it into the install folder next to the WalkingDead101.exe.
  • Hello,
    DjNDB wrote: »
    TWD does not officially support Windows 8.
    What document or license agreement are you referring to? I can't find any mentionings about absence of Windows 8 support neither at steam nor in your store (see screenshot).
    I don't really want to mess with libraries. I don't really want to mess with plugging/unplugging controllers. I want my money back. Or point me out where it is clearly stated that Windows 8 is not supported, please.
  • DjNDB wrote: »
    I am a Community Moderator, and I am here to keep the Forum a fun place for everyone.
    My posts represent my personal opinion. I am a volunteer, not a TTG employee.

    And i just read your signature. So, thank for feedback and i really appreciate your desire to help. I wish i could share you passion about the game but i'd really like to hear from official TTG employee the answers for my questions.

    So, sorry for my tone, DjNDB, nothing personal. Have a nice day! :)
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    DjNDB Moderator
    Sorry for the late reply. Your posts were automatically filtered out by the forum, and i didn't see them until now.

    Here's an official statement about Windows 8 support.
  • Thanks for the support. That's not the statement i was looking for. And now i see that developers don't give a sh1t about people buying their games instead of downloading it from millions of torrents. That's the support people get for their money - total ignorance from developers?

    I was lucky that Steam support is not such careless about their reputation - they returned me my money for this piece of cгap.

    But i tell ya - i never ever going to pay even a cent for any of the games by telltale from now on.
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