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Fantastic Contraption - cool flash game

posted by Armakuni on - last edited - Viewed by 1.2K users
I found a cool flash game called Fantastic Contraption.. it's a physics based puzzle game in which you build contraptions to solve the levels.

The goal is quite simple - get the pink object (comes in different shapes) into the pink area, using only a few tools such as sticks and balls.
However, you can build quite a few cool things using these and some of the later levels get quite hard. They can be solved in several ways each and there are lots of creative solutions out there.

You can also save your solution to a level and show it to others, which is very cool.

Here are some of my solutions -

Mission to Mars level -

A beta level -

Stairs level -

Handling level -

Back and Forth level -

Unpossible (last level) -

Down Under level -
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