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Poker Night at the Inventory: Annoying Gameplay Bug

posted by TheFourteen on - last edited - Viewed by 800 users
Hello there!

I pre-ordered Poker Night 2 since I was interested in Poker Night at the Inventory before and thus wanted to take the chance to pick up both in one cheap sweep. So I dug into the first part last night and encountered a gameplay problem... I'll just repost my posts from the Steam forum on this in the hopes that the devs are more likely to catch it here.
TheFourteen said:
So let's say I have pay $200 to call, but decide to raise by $400.

Hovering over the "Call" button tells me: "$200"
Hovering over the "Raise" button with $400 selected tells me: "Total: $600"

So far, so good. But if I then actually proceed to click the "Raise" button, it deducts $800 and announces I've raised by $600.

In every instance this game adds the "Call plus Raise" total to the "Call" total once more. This is terribly counterintuitive.

So, is it just me or is this a bug?
TheFourteen;34267863 said:
After rewatching TotalBiscuit's WTF Is on the game, I can definitely say that the game does not work with me as it does in the video.

This is really irritating, often making it impossible to raise slowly.

Is this a known bug? Is there a fix for it?
Edit: I also verified the cache and reinstalled the game, which changed nothing.
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  • The reason the bug doesn't appear in the video is it was introduced in a later patch. The patch is very old, though, and I'm surprised (and rather dismayed) it hasn't been fixed by now.
  • Any hopes of this ever getting fixed? Given how the first game will be played some more now with it being included as a preorder bonus for Poker Night 2, I'd figure it'd be in the best interest of Telltale Game to address this bug.
  • I just got a PM from a Telltale employee telling me this bug has been fixed now, so a patch should be coming soon.
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