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  • I thought it was BttF:TG.
    der_ketzer;786862 said:
    I know for a fact it wasn't that one. Because it is Back To The Future.
    Uh, didn't see that one there.
  • Well, thanks for the recommend, Dashing. Bought.
  • flesk;786849 said:
    You might have, but if so I have forgotten. I thought that was Maniac Mansion.
    Chyron8472;786850 said:
    I thought it was Monkey Island 2.
    Maniac Mansion and Monkey Island 2 are up there, as are Planetfall, Beyond Zork, Trinity, LOOM, Starship Titanic, and various others.


    Generally speaking, there has been a single identifying thread that determines what kind of game can really truly get me emotionally invested. If a game contains a player-agnostic world, I can really get into it. When characters move about on their own schedule and on their own will, rather than waiting around for the player to drop by and do something? That draws me in. The more characters are treated as people living about their own lives, the more I tend to be drawn in. This is why I am a huge fan of Reputation systems in RPGs, where a character can like or dislike you based on your political or group affiliation(this is a big part of why I loved Morrowind, how intricate the politics were). It's why I love Maniac Mansion, with its scripted characters being the most "alive" of any graphical adventure characters to that point, moving about their paths with characters having to avoid them, reacting to changes in environment, recognizing things and acting accordingly. It's why I love Planetfall, whose entire design was based on making people care about Floyd, giving him a degree of autonomy and a wide range of reactivity to player commands. I like when a game world feels like it exists on its own and I happen to arrive there, rather than feeling like the game world is a theme park skin over a mechanical skeleton designed to give me a specific set of encounters. That approach definitely has its merits and I absolutely love a lot of games that go with that approach, but the upper limit is still to some degree lower in terms of my emotional response. And in the regards of creating a truly living adventure game world, The Last Express was the greatest example of its time and continues to be the greatest example to date. There's shit this game does that not only hasn't been DONE in the past 15 years, I'm not even sure anybody has even TRIED.

    We're talking about a game that is multilingual, where people talk in their own languages. Your character is an American that knows French, German, and Russian, so those languages are subtitled for you, and people speaking in those languages assume you can't understand what they're saying. He doesn't know Arabic or Serbo-Croatian, and so people who speak in those languages(and they do!) have dialog that is NOT subtitled. It's really cool!

    We're talking about a game where you can stand next to a table and listen to conversation about local politics, or economics, giving a real feeling of the tensions that existed in 1914 ahead of the first World War, or things that might just be of interest to people in that class during that time period. Many conversations are largely optional, but sometimes it's great to just listen in even if you aren't looking at that person for clues for the great mystery that unfolds throughout.

    The game is full of excellent flavor text, in diaries, newspapers, sketchbooks manifests etc, giving the world a sense of authenticity and providing the proper historical perspective.

    This is a game that reacts to your actions in very interesting ways. Early on, you find a dead body in your room. If you leave it be, the conductor finds you and it's Game Over. You can push it out the window....but you're very close to Paris, and the city's police find the body, and you have to deal with them(and can!). BUT, there is also a THIRD possibility, where you can hide the body for the first check, and then dump it out the window when your character is in rural territory, before anyone finds the hidden body on a second pass-through. There are a number of actions that can be performed in any order, and many conversations change depending on what you've done and who you've talked to, making this somewhat short game very replayable.

    This is a game that includes a violin concert that lasts a full 20 minutes of real time, which you could spend just sitting down in one of the chairs and listening to if you so desire.

    This is a game that looks like this:

    Seriously, if not the best adventure game of all time, The Last Express is one of the most fascinating, ambitious, and truly mature and artful games ever made to date, and it deserves far, far better than it ever got.
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    puzzlebox Telltale Staff
    Bam. Looks like it's time for me to play The Last Express again (or at least get it queued up). I actually gifted a copy to someone just last month.

    Seriously, at $2.39, it's less than what most people spend at Starbucks. Do yourself a favour and pick up an amazing game for ridiculously cheap.
  • Time to get your evil Pikmin on with today's new Overlord bundle. This bundle is only $9.99, and it comes with Overlord and Overlord: Raising Hell.

    Edit: And here's some more stuff. Remember when GOG released DLC for Omerta, and everyone raged? Well, they're doing it all over again! 5 bucks for the Damsel in Distress DLC for Omerta. Also, both Don't Starve and Fez are now scheduled for release on GOG.
  • Oh, phew. For a minute there I thought I was gonna end up spending more money, but it looks like I'm safe.

    For now.
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    Fez looks nice. I'm not sure about Don't Starve... will have to check what kind of gameplay it renders.
  • Vainamoinen;787150 said:
    Fez looks nice. I'm not sure about Don't Starve... will have to check what kind of gameplay it renders.
    Fez is great. Been waiting for a PC version since it's release.
  • Indie Gem Promo of the day is The Book of Unwritten Tales for only $4.99. Probably the cheapest it's ever been.
  • I think it was this cheap on Steam during the XMas sale? Could be wrong.
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