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Appalling service

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So by now, many of us are familiar with the bug by which you cannot download the episodes 2-5. I had been struggling with this or the last 2 days going through the forums trying to find a fix. It was only when my friend linked me to the page where Telltale had wrote that they are working on a fix that i stopped trying.

There are at least 5 different threads highlighting this problem, and NONE of them have any reply from any support staff stating that they know about the problem and are working on a fix.

This is not my biggest issue. The perplexing thing is the fact that the last update on the page announcing that the bug is known to them is over 1 month and 7 days old.

My question is this - Why on earth are you still accepting money for a product that you KNOW you cannot deliver? Take it off the app - refuse payment - DO SOMETHING to let the oblivious consumer understand that one CANNOT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME.

From my short time on the forums I have ascertained that the communication between the consumer and Telltale is terrible. Don't get me wrong I love this game, its intuitive, creative and absorbing but if I can help it - I will never purchase another game from Telltale.

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  • That's such a shame! I just posted a problem about replaying the game. I had some issues on the first go (for some reason, after I completed Episode 3, it would always ask me if I wanted the game to generate decisions for me, even though I wasn't skipping ahead--I was just going on to the next episode) but I was able to complete it. They should issue refunds or credit or a new bug fix! This is really disappointing, especially since the game is well done and fun to play...
  • I bought 2-5 in a pack for iOS back in November and have NEVER been able to download them. $15 down the drain.

    What is the IAP download system TTG uses and how can I avoid ever again buying an iOS app that uses it? I have the same problems with it that I have for Wired and The New Yorker. Robbed there too.

    The page linked to as the "fix" tells me I don't have sufficient rights to view it. Give me a break.
  • After a week of struggle I found a solution:
    Switch time to 24 hour format. Reinstall the app from Itunes and done!
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