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DLC Character Ideas

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I was thinking, with Poker Night 2's shiny new graphics (from the screenshots it looks like it might be the most visually impressive Telltale Game yet), perhaps instead of making a Poker Night 3 years from now, there could just be added in character packs. So in other words, if Telltale were to do something like this, who would you want to see?

Pack 1:
-Lee Everett
-Garrus Vakarian
-Doc Brown
-Card Dealer: The Sniper

Villain Night at the Inventory (Replaces the PN2's characters with villainous counterparts):
-Mack Salmon (assumming Steve Purcell would let them)
-Evil Ash
-The Monarch
-Handsome Jack
-Card Dealer: Wheatley in his "core transfer with GLaDOS" incarnation
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    Blind Sniper Moderator
    Chatterbox Night at the Inventory:
    Leonard Steakcharmer
    Gordon Freeman
    Dealer: Shambling Corporate Presence (Couldn't think of a fifth decent mute character so I used him)

    Manly Night Out at the Inventory
    Flint Paper
    Saxton Hale
    Handsome Jack
    Duke Nukem
    Dealer: Adventure Core hooked to GLaDOS

    Lazy Bastards Anonymous (a.k.a Scapegoat Title for interesting characters) At the Inventory
    The Dude
    Peter Griffin
    Randal Graves (Clerks)
    Dealer: Wilfred (FX Series)
  • LucasArts Alumni
    * Bernard (Maniac Mansion/Day of the Tentacle)
    * Razputin (Psychonauts)
    * DeathSpank
    * Guybrush Threepwood (Monkey Island)

    Dealer: Manny (Grim Fandango)
  • LucasArts Alumni
    * Bernard (Maniac Mansion/Day of the Tentacle)
    * Razputin (Psychonauts)
    * DeathSpank
    * Guybrush Threepwood (Monkey Island)

    Dealer: Manny (Grim Fandango)

    Replace Deathspank with Ben from Full Throttle and I'd be tempted.
  • Hector
    Marty McFly
    Sherlock Holmes
    Hercule Poirot
    Freddy Krueger
    Elwood Blues
    Jeffrey “The Dude” Lebowski
    Ace Ventura
    The Mask
    Solid Snake
    Conan The Barbarian
    Snake Plissken
    Han Solo
    Dr. Who
    Max Payne
    Ian Malcolm
    Conker the Squirrel
    James Bond
    Indiana Jones
    Luke Skywalker
    The Joker
    Larry Laffer
    John Marston
    Peter Griffin
    Homer Simpson
    Johnny Bravo

    I want ALL of these guys.
  • Noname215 wrote: »
    Dr. Who

    It's just "The Doctor", so you know.
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    Profanity BANNED
    These DLC packs don't sound probable at all, but whatever.

    Alfred Pennyworth. I wanna play with Batman's bloody valet.
  • I’ve narrowed down my list to a top 5.

    5. Conker the Squirrel
    4. Larry Laffer
    3. Ace Ventura
    2. Elwood Blues (he can break into song when he wins)
    1. Freddy Krueger
  • just Yes to the whole "DLC Characters" idea! Having master chief or the entire TF2 cast to choose from would be awesome :-D OR DOTA2!!!
  • (Wow, I rarely come here anymore, and my last visit was 6 days ago last year)

    Well, before Poker Night 2 was even being developed I had some ideas for other characters that could appear, though one of them (Sam) is already in Poker Night 2.


    Medic (as seen in the SFM video Medic at the Inventory)
    Demoman (BLU seen playing poker with the Soldier in the Mann Vs Machine trailer)
    BLU Soldier (see above reason)
    The Engineer (as Heavy previously claimed Engi brought him there)
    The Spy (he's got a hat of cards in TF2)
    The Sniper (because why not?)

    All models should be HWM! The default models have preset flexes and not nearly as many distinct ones the HWM ones do. They're higher quality, and won't have clipping issues with the Visor like Heavy did.

    I hadn't thought of having Saxton Hale in; that'd be interesting to see him banter with Brock Samson.

    Homestar Runner/SBCG4AP
    Pom Pom (somehow everyone can understand him and he was seen storming off in PN1)
    Homestar (I doubt he knows how to play, like Max)
    Bubs (I figured since he rips people off at the Concession Stand at least 99 ways, he'd be good at poker. Plus he's been seen playing card games like that in at least one Strong Bad email)
    The Cheat (mix of Pom Pom and Bubs' reasons)

    Penny Arcade

    Gabriel (since Tycho was in the last game)
    A Fruit F*cker/Juice Bot (because why not? They crack me up)

    Sam and Max
    Artie Flopshark (seeing as he was the sorta dealer/announcer guy in the TT Texas Hold'em game)

    Other games/universes
    Nick (Left 4 Dead 2) (He's a gambler/conman)
    Barney (Half-Life series) (he seems like the kinda guy who could kick back and enjoy some card games with a cold one)

    Oh, and I'd like to see the PN1 characters make a comeback, but it's all just wishful thinking.
  • Hero Comic night at the inventory
    The Flash

    Villain comic night at the inventory
    The Joker
    Doc Ock
    Professor Zoom
    Dealer:Lex Luther

    If you are going to do a Comic Night, it would be better to have more than just Marvel and DC characters.

    The cast for the Poker Night games are all from different series after all. So one Marvel representative, one DC Rep, one Dark Horse Rep, etc.
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