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The Walking Dead no longer activates?

posted by Caspian33 on - last edited - Viewed by 843 users

Purchased the Walking Dead a while ago and started playing it tonight. I got through episode 1 no problem and wanted to jump straight on to episode two. For some reason it wouldn't download it in the software so I thought perhaps I only purchased episode 1. I purchased it again in the store as well as 'poker night' and Hector (3 episodes). The walking Dead still wouldn't download Episode 2 (just locked up at 0.00 percent downloaded) so I found a manual download fix on this forum using a Python script and downloaded episode 2 manually. When I went to start up The Walking Dead again it now said my Telltale account doesn't own a license for the Walking Dead at all when I accidentally own two!

Could you please refund me for one and fix the original download problem? I imagine it thinks I don't own a license because I accidentally bought two and it has confused the system.

Also no matter what I do including entering my login details and serial numbers Poker Night won't authenticate and when I try and play Hector, I just stops at the authentication screen with the message "Loading..." or something like that.

Please fix these issues, it would be much appreciated.
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  • Anyone at the wheel? I am requesting a refund on paypal.
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    Profanity BANNED
    Your PC seems to be rejecting every Telltale game. Make your firewall less intrusive.
  • That was it, Comodo Firewall which I wasn't even aware of was doing it. Uninstalled that and hey presto it all works again. Even Walking Dead works.

    It looks like the three games I have purchased were removed from my account, but no refund. (walking dead duplicate, hector and poker night). Please give the refund.
  • Okay so I have re bought Hector, but please refund the previous 3 games purchase Telltale (walking dead duplicate, hector and poker night).
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    Profanity BANNED
    You are really rushing your purchases. You keep making these unnecessary purchases before dealing with the previous ones!

    Slow down, dawg, and write the support. I think their email is: [email][/email]
  • Hi Profanity,

    What can I say, I really love Telltale games. Telltale and EA games have to be my fav game developers.

    I just wish they would employ more support staff though. I still haven't received the refund yet - they took out the duplicate games but NO PayPal refund.

    I have written to support twice about asking for the duplicate refund after they removed them. At least the original Walking dead works, and the new Hector I bought works though now I suppose.
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