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For those who chose Doug over Carley. Explain why.

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Well, it seems we are a small % of people who actually decided to help Doug instead of Carley. I mainly decided not to save her because she seemed to be the only one who knew about Lee being a murderer so I considered her a threat, I know many people decided to save her because she was "hot", but come on guys, she confessed she was in love with doug.

It seems I may have missed a nice character but Doug ended up being a really cool guy.

"Wait. I know you know everything about this flashlight, I mean if you know anything about how it got broken"

I am sure a similar thread has been created before, but come on, what else are we supposed to talk about while we wait? :D
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  • I chose Carley for a few reasons. Of course she's hot to start off. Someone's gotta procreate. :D

    But that's not really why. I chose her because she saved my butt every time I was in trouble from the minute she came in the story to when they left the drugstore. SHe helps people and isn't afraid to speak her mind. Also, she is the only one in the group with a gun at that point, so you need her gun and you can't get it if it goes down with walkers. I think it was the best decision to go with Carley.
  • inm8#2;788209 said:
    I disagree. Doug sets up that security system at the motel, for example. I'm not sure if someone else does that in the other path, though.
    Yes, but that is the second and final time he can ever use his technical skills. Carley's more common gun skills come into play over and over. In episode 3, if you talk to Doug at the motel, he says that anything he can make requires wires/batteries/things he just doesn't have, and that he feels useless.

    The alarm system was great, though. I just think Doug could have had more success if he had his own subplot in the story like Carley did.
  • Well... technically... his laser pointer helps beat Andy, but idk if I'd call it technical skills. Anyway, yeah Carley had much more to offer on the table, she was introduced more as a character, and she seemed easier to save. I mean, come on! Doug dies by putting his back against a broken window. He should've tensed up to keep from being pulled out the window. The worst that'd of happened would be getting bitten in the back(highly likely). If Lee goes to save him all it takes is one tug and he's magically free. Then again, Carley not being able to stomp on a crawler makes little sense as well, nor the fact that after saving Carley it is too late to save Doug, who could've easily held out longer IMO.
  • I picked Carley because her skill set was more useful in an apocalypse than Doug's was. I did a Doug playthrough, and I think he' a cool guy, but Carley is the more practical choice. She can skillfully handle a firearm and makes consistent headshots, and is always the one to save everyone else's skins up until she got shot when her back was turned. Maybe she wasn't the most "technologically able" member of the group, but I'd personally take lots of headshots over some bells and string every time in a zombie apocalypse.

    Gotta say though, in my Doug playthrough I was really impressed when he shot the bandit during the raid. He stepped up and helped save the group despite not liking guns. Too bad the bromance had to end.
  • ZombieBlaster;756401 said:
    I chose Carley because I'm a feminist.... well, more like sexist ( no offence guys )
    I mean, I find it kinda boring and redundant seeing guys always alive and always holding firearms... which lead me into saving her because it's very rare to see a woman that can handle a gun during a zombie apocalypse. You guys who saved Doug are very ungrateful, she saved your ass twice ( and Clementine if you failed to protect her in the pharmacy ). Another example is on episode 2 ( if you saved her ) when she killed Travis/David to save you ( lol.. Doug just knocked Travis/David in the head ) and when she shot Andy's ear to distract him from killing you. Another one is on episode three which was very useful and made Doug looked like trash, is when she kissed Lee and gave you guys the option to tell the group about your past leading into POSITIVE RESULTS later on. By the way, she killed MORE bandits than Doug could ever will.

    P.S You guys hating her because she made a mistake on putting the batteries are very SHALLOW. I mean, everybody makes stupid mistakes sometimes, which I highly doubt that you guys hadn't.
    Okay, I get the point about her saving your life more often, I understand that. But calling Doug "trash" because he didn't give you the option to tell everyone your past is hardly fair. A reason you can pick him to survive is at that point Carley is the only one who knows your past, that you know of. (You find out about Larry after the choice) Doug does prove useful, he creates some neat stuff that would actually be really useful in a ZA. I actually did choose Carley, but I completely see the merits in Doug.
  • I chose Carley because there's just not enough incentive to save Doug over her; either from a realistic survival standpoint or from a narrative one. She has the group's only firearm, knows how to use it and saves your life more than once before the decision point. She brings more to the story, as well.

    By contrast, Doug's basically what I'd call an empty uniform. As pointed out, he says himself that he feels useless because his skills require resources the group lacks. Even the excuse is that "oh, well, he can learn to use a weapon like Carley" falls flat since in his 3+ months with the group he never does.
  • In my playthrough, I tried to just save as many people as possible, regardless of their usefulness.

    Carley had a gun. That's why I didn't choose her. I figured she could take care of herself.

    Too bad she had no bullets! If I'd known that, I'm not sure what I would have done.
  • Doug was cool a computer nerd like me. But I didn't save him, I saved Carley you want to know why? To be honest I don't know why, in the heat of the moment I just ran over to Carley and gave her the ammo. I just wanted to save both of them, and I really regret not saving Doug and I wish things were different but there not, it's over.
  • only ever chosen Doug once over Carley,and it's not a affection thing :D i think Lee and Carley had more of a instant connection.
  • My first experience with TWD was watching someone else play, and I remember verbally encouraging them to choose Doug. In my own playthrough later, I chose Carley because I wanted to see what the difference was, but I would have chosen Doug if I had been doing a blind playthrough. :P

    I have a couple of reasons - one, Doug reminded me very strongly of my brother, who has Asperger's syndrome. I know that was likely not Telltale's intention to portray Doug that way, but it was how I interpreted him, and I just instantly found him endearing in a quirky way as well. Plus, I thought his talents - tech stuff - were more 'unique' than Carley's, who was only a good marksman. Larry had said Lilly was military, so I reasoned that she would probably be a good shot, too.

    Also, Carley only had one zombie on her leg, while Doug was nearly being torn apart Shaun of the Dead style. I figured Carley should have been able to kick the zombie off or at least pistol whip it - Doug was in more immediate danger.

    I think Doug is a more selfless and heroic character (as evidenced by his "I wish you had chosen her" and his sacrificing himself for Ben,) and that isn't to say I don't like Carley - she is also very heroic and kind-hearted. But picking her ended up having more pros in the end, which is too bad. I wish Doug could have somehow said something that encouraged Lee to think of spilling his past himself. Doug really wasn't given nearly as much development and that makes me sad.
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