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Walking Dead Telltale game Series

posted by Bosdaks on - last edited - Viewed by 364 users
hi. i just bought this game and entered my username and password. But the game stucks on the screen after that. Is there anything that I should do? thanks.
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    Hang your firewall upside down and beat it with a stick.
  • I did it still no luck. After it says 'click to continue' it just freezes there. Grrrrr I want to kill walkers.
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    Well, if turning off the firewall dun work, try this:

    And also try running that shit in compatibility mode. As an admin too.

    And wait, is this happening in the telltale launcher or ingame? If it is happening in game on the title screen, then it sounds even more like your firewall is messing it up. Try turning down the whole anti-virus and check if you don't have that default windows firewall turned on.
  • hi. I just tried turning the internet off, and disabling my firewall and antivrus(Avast) , still no luck. My computer specs meet the requirements. It just stucks in the title screen after it say 'click to continue'. Do i need to download another software like steam or something to play the game>? Thanks
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