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Idea for the Poker Night at the Inventory.

posted by LukteDukte on - last edited - Viewed by 489 users
Wouldn't it be fun if the next Poker Night contain multiplayer that you can do real betting? Not with money but with TF2 Items or other stuff you can trade and put them on the table with other players/friends.

You can make rules what you have to put on the table, like "Metals and Hats only", "TF2 Items only", "Dota 2 Items only" or you can chose to not betting with stuff and just have fun with players/friends.

It would be awesome if they did that :)
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    Except this would be completely unrelated to Poker Night at the Inventory except for the bare-bones poker part. More like a completely different game that has no reason to be wasting Telltale's time because it would be just that, a simple poker game with stakes in the form of TF2, Dota 2 and whatever items.
  • I don't think Valve would be keen on letting a third party have such great amounts of control over the item databases of their games.

    Think of all the potential bellyaching from hacks, exploits, and other such things in the process. It just isn't worth it, man, it just isn't...

    If you're gonna gamble in TF2land, you may as well stick to spycrabbing or uncrating (uncrating is totally gambling).
  • Well, betting games with games are you right about, Valve wouldn't like that. In-game items is more what I was thinking rather "Giftable games".

    And that uncrating is gambling, it is if you compare to slot machines. In Texas hold'em you have at least more a chance to win against players rather a machine that gives random crap.
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