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Wii Code Trading Thread

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With the impending release, I thought it would be a neat idea to make a thread for us in the Strong Bad forum to trade friend codes for Wiiconnect24 content among other things. I know there's a friend code thread in General Chat, but it's old and not SBCG4AP-centered so I figured this is kosher (if Telltale agrees, feel free to award this post with a sticky or something ;)). I'll maintain the thread by editing this post to keep all the friend codes posted together in one spot.

If you don't know how to find your code or add others, here is a guide I found easily via google. Once the number is added on each end, your Wii consoles will be able to communicate after a slight delay.

My number is 6988 4267 9762 5323. Please also feel free to send me your Mii. I also have Brawl and Dr. Mario, so go ahead and PM me if you would like to trade friend codes for them.

Nathew's Cool List for Attractive Wii Numbers:
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