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Lee (The Walking Dead) in Poker Night 2?

posted by Phil_TWD on - last edited - Viewed by 1.7K users
Would it be possible to have Lee playable in this game?

It would be so awesome to see and play as him again.
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  • Tycho was an arrogant, douchy nerd stereotype with a bestiality fetish.
  • and Lee's a boring, tired dullard with decisiveness issues.

    Everybody has traits.
  • But the important thing is, are the traits interesting enough to create fun banter from?
  • Raelser;789658 said:
    But the important thing is, are the traits interesting enough to create fun banter from?
    That's different than saying "crazy, over-the-top". I don't even want Lee in the game, my only point was that you don't have to be crazy to be a good character in Poker.
  • I think of the inventory as a paranormal place that doesn't follow the rules of life, death, or time... Winslow was in the last one.. By all rights he should have been dead hundreds of years prior..

    Lol at us talking about the a poker game potential canon and non-canon material
  • The games break the forth wall. I felt that this was the characters, like actors, off-the-clock. So even if a game, comic, movie was set in the dawn of creation and it still only came out a few years ago, the character would still be recent.

    That being said, they could put Lee or Kenny in one and just go total Mel Gibson/Michael Richards with the "actor" in Poker. Just because they "act" one way, doesn't mean they "are" that way.
  • But Tycho did show signs of being crazy in a man-childish way, but I know what you mean though, especially in comparison to the other characters. He generally was the straight man, which works wonders with nuttier characters.

    They could also, in theory, go the other way and exaggerate amusing or notable character traits for the sake of comedy, but that can easily rub people the wrong way when it's done badly.
  • Max rubbed me the wrong way in the first game. Favourite character, so obviously there's going to be a protective aura around anything done with him, but I felt he was just a bit too childish at times. While in S&M, Max did things that were comical, in Poker, it seemed he was trying to be comical.
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