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[PC] Did not get the Bloodhound TF2 item.

posted by Stumperman07 on - last edited - Viewed by 880 users
So playing Poker Night 2, unlocked the banjo and trophy from Sam and Clap, got bored and went to check my TF2 inventory and there was no Bloodhound. This was the main item I was hoping to get and I didn't get it! I am assuming this happened because my brother and I play on the same computer and he played it and unlocked the Bloodhound first, and which makes me mad, we both have the game on 2 different steam accounts and since he got one item means I can't get it for my TF2 inventory? Was this some way to make sure people don't dupe items or something? Well anyways here is a screenshot of me having the banjo for the Bloodhound.

And here it is not in my tf2 inventory
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