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Non-skipable dialogs

posted by Xaromir on - last edited - Viewed by 1.3K users
I love the dialogs as much as the next, but sometimes i get locked in a lengthy 1 on 1 at the end of a round, and it's quite annoying to listen to the same lines over and over and over etc etc, i wish i could skip those, some of the gloating also is a bit too lengthy and interrupts my flow, but that wouldn't be a problem if i could skip it. :3
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  • GLaDOS: "You made a smart choice that won't come back and bite you on your ample posterior. What's that? You've heard this 37 times already, and you're pressing the right mouse button to try and skip this? Didn't I tell you? You can't manual override me. Oh, dear. I DIDN'T tell you."

    That's how I feel every time I hear that first line. lol
  • Haha, yeah. GLaDOS is great but man, I've heard all those lines already. She may command fear and respect, but man, my right mouse button shouldn't have to sit and take it.
  • GLaDOS: "Your right mouse button is like an eagle... piloting a blimp."
  • Ooh, let me try!

    GLaDOS: "Thank you for continued participation in the Unskippable Dialogue experiment. In recognition of your devotion as a faithful test subject, I will speak at a slightly more measured pace than I would normally say it. It is a high honor. I am almost envious to be in your position, except not really."
  • ... If she actually said that I'd freak. lol Freeze in my chair and stare blankly. That was good!
  • See? Even Charles Foster Kane is impressed.
  • Magic Emperor;790295 said:
    See? Even Charles Foster Kane is impressed.
    "No he is not, he hates you. Also you're fat." - GLaDOS

    Go to full Sam and Max theme and there is chance that suddenly many of the other characters begin to sing the song to Sam.
  • NOW WHO'S THE FATASS?! *grabs the potato and slams it repeatedly at the monitor* WOULD A FATASS. DO. THIS?!

    Oops, wrong AI.
  • What's really bad is that about half the time that I want to skip the dialog is when it's my turn to play. Shut up and let me check/bet/fold!

    And then GLaDOS decides to comment on my cards. Also preventing the game from moving on.

    And what's strange is you can skip the intro to the game, but not the outro.
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