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Programming needs a little work (PN2)

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So... three tournaments into Poker Night 2, or about thirty five seconds later, I think I've found a flaw in the game.

The AI goes all in, pretty much every hand, even with absolutely nothing. Sure, they tend to win on the river (As in, that's how I've lost every, single, tournament so far.) But even when they don't... what's the point of having all these characters if they get eliminated within three hands of play (Every single time.)

If I don't call them, they'll eliminate eachother. On the starting hand. Before the flop. Multiple times.

Did someone complain the other game took to long? Anyone? Was that a thing? Did the test group happen to all have HDAD? Nervous Bladders? Building on fire?

*Edit* An addition, it's a true master stroke when winning isn't even any fun, because again, the AI just bets everything randomly.
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  • I agree that this could use some work, particularly in Omaha. In Holdem, at least you can pick your spots by leveraging particularly strong starting hands. In Omaha, you don't really have that option since the disparity between the best hands is so much less, plus the AI literally wants to go all in almost every hand. I'd love to see a mode where the blind structure was lower and slower and the AI was less willing to commit chips with mediocre hands or bad pot odds. For Omaha, at the very least, I'd like a pot limit option to cut down on some of the ridiculous overbetting. I understand that the game needs a mode to appeal to the more casual player, but it'd be nice if those of us who actually play poker could have a mode which is a little less like a lottery.
  • APerson;790506 said:
    If I don't call them, they'll eliminate eachother.
    :confused: In my game they almost never eliminate each other. They do sometimes, but that is still pretty rare though! It's well-balanced.
  • Yeah I lost track of the number of times someone will go out in the first hand. It also seems like the ai will go on a streak of going all in until they lose or bust out. Oh well. You can play it as many times as you like. c:
  • Max from the first game: "MAKE A CALM AND RATIONAL DECISION!"

    Sometimes I think that when a character goes balls in. lol
  • has anyone else had the same problem as me where when you go to make a bet or raise the game instead puts you All In? because that's caused a lot of problems for me on the 360 version

    also, I bought the game on Steam but can't seem to play it. when I click on Play a second time, it says that the game is already running. any Steam players having this problem as well?
  • ... with the seeming populace. I played quite a bit of PN1 and everything always seemed very smooth and tolerably realistic, all-in at appropriate times, large bets at least after the flop, etc. PN2 seems to be askew on the balances, like all-in before even the flop, 10,000 bets before the flop, and I saw 3 hands in a row where 4-5 of the players (including myself) got straights of different caliber. I realize such a thing is possible, but the odds of that really, what's next, a 4-5 player royal flush battle?

    ALSO, I have seen at least 3 times, that the other characters went all-in (ie. 49,000 or so when they had 44,000 in total), and yet when they lost, they still had 15-20,000ish and were not eliminated. Did the rules change and no one told me?

    En finale, where is the option to turn down the chattering, I like some banter etc, but the constant, uninterruptable flow of jabber vs. PN1 gets old quite quickly. The voice acting is fine, the chatter is fine, just the ability to tone its frequency down, or negate it completely would be much appreciated.

    Methinks until an update, I'll stick with PN1 and note to others to do the same.

    P.S. All 3 S&M, Wallace & Gromit, and PN1 games are great and I thought of them more as an investment into quality than a cost for entertainment. PN2 is the only thing from Telltale I've ever had issues with.
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