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Bounty Help: Winning Three Pots In a Row

posted by Kyronea on - last edited - Viewed by 1.8K users
So, this is the last bounty challenge I need to fulfill to be able to get the last bounty before GLaDOS's bounty, but I'm not sure I'm seeing how it's possible. The closest I've managed is two pots. Maybe I just need to learn the AI a bit better, but I'm having difficulty figuring out how to manipulate them into doing something like, say, constantly folding to me so I win three pots that way.

Anyone have any tips?
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  • You mean "steal three pots in a row"? This is how I did it.

    When you start a new tournament, go all in, chances are everyone will fold and you'll easily grab the first pot. For the last two steals, keep raising a lot of money and/or go all in until eventually everyone folds, unless someone calls your bluff and you either win or lose the hand, go back to the first step.

    Hope that helps.
  • It's actually "take three pots in a row" but I just did it now in a one-on-one against Claptrap. I was super lucky and won all three hands, which also pulled me out of a hole where I only had $10,000 and put me on top with $80,000. Naturally I succeed so soon after posting a thread. But still, thank you.
  • I would probably wait until I won two pots in a row naturally and then try to steal the third.
  • I got it pretty easily at the end of a tournament. It was down to just me and Sam, and I was up on chips. Won a hand, then just bullied him out of the next two. Of course I'm lucky that my cards were decent and he must not have had terribly strong cards, but I was bullying with the intent of stealing the pots.
  • Yeah, it's fairly easy to bully Sam into folding; I usually watch the rest of the game after I've busted out, and I've seen him give up some pretty decent cards in the face of a big bet. You just have to watch for his tells, since I've very rarely seen him try and bluff a bad hand through someone else raising.
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