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  • Yeah that happened soon after I unlocked that set and used it for the match.
  • Sam: "Well that was weird..."
    Max: " But strangely nostalgic..."
  • I loved that part...and it was great to hear GlaDOS sing again. Although I never really heard of the Sam and Max series, I still thought it was awesome.
  • I just heard this a few hands ago. For the life of me I can't figure out what the tune is, either, but I was mostly distracted by the fact almost everyone who sang actually sounded pretty good. (Almost. Sorry, Claptrap, you still have the sweet, melodic voice of a fork in a garbage disposal.)
  • I was confused with what was happening when it started in my game, but then it slowly became one of my favorite dialogue parts in the game.
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    ttg_Stemmle Telltale Alumni
    Here's a little story:

    Many, MANY years ago, a heavyset young game designer found himself trapped in a Marin County jury pool. Being stuck on the wrong side of the 21st century (where all the various iWhatnots we take for granted reside), and not having the foresight to bring a few comic books with him, this poor schmoe was compelled to entertain himself for several hours with naught but a spiral notebook, a stubby pencil and his own meager imagination.

    So he wrote a song.

    And not just any song, but a song he hoped would become the theme song to the game he was currently co-designing. A song that would encapsulate the trials and tribulations of that game in one fantastical, James Bondian musical package.

    When he returned to work the next day, he sang his song for his co-designers. They looked at him funny. One suggested that it must've been really hot in that jury pool room. Another opined that maybe he needed a rest. A third gently suggested leaving the music writing to the composers.

    And so it came to pass that the Love Theme from Sam and Max Hit the Road was shelved. Until today.

    Or maybe that's all a lie. Writers lie.

    Mike "Lying Liar Who Lies" Stemmle
  • And now...it needs to be on the soundtrack.

    By the way, here's a video for those who haven't seen it. Unfortunately, Ash interrupts the song by winning a hand (natch) but otherwise it's awesome.
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