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I Miss Strong Bad

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Out of all the characters from both Poker Night games, Strong Bad was easily my favorite, hoping he returns in Poker Night 3, or maybe even Poker Night 2 DLC, I can already imaging his Laptop being his Bounty, and unlocking his mask as a skin for Zero in Borderlands 2.
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  • Claptrap is hilarious and you all trippin'.
    I think I like the guys better in this game, they're nicer overall.
  • Not being familiar with the source material at ALL for Brock, Claptrap, or Ash, I kinda like all three as they are presented in Poker Night. They each amuse me in different ways.

    At the same time I do kinda miss Strong Bad. He was the draw to the first game for me, since when I first played it I was completely unfamiliar with the other three characters.
  • Ash is pure rock n' roll, he's so badass Duke Nukem stole his one-liners from him. Oh wait - Duke Nukem is also a 90's thing. Damn, the kids these days don't have anything.

    Now go watch the trailer. :D
  • I absolutely do not miss Strongbad. In fact, I like this cast more than the last game's. Brock and the Venture Bros. is freakin' amazing, Ash is a cheesy macho badass, I love Sam & Max, and Claptrap... is bearable, and better than Strongbad.
  • I'm gonna come out and say it. I never really cared for Poker Tycho. He was my nemesis in the first game. No joke, 80% of all mano-y-mano showdowns were him and me. So, yes. He's the bane of my Inventory existence.

    "Checking is LAME. Unless your Czech. Which would be pretty interesting. Yeah, I'll check."
    "See, I know actually how to PLAY this game."

    Dick. lol
  • Seconded.

    No Tycho, I will NOT just give you my money. It's not fine.
  • I liked the cast from the first one. But they are jerks.

  • I miss Strongbad too. Moreso in the cartoons, but I thought he was fine in the first game. Thought he was pretty funny there too.

    However, I can wait out the return of Homestar Runner however long the Brothers Chaps need to come back. I understand Matt got married, had kids, and became a writer on Yo Gabba Gabba, The Aquabats! Supershow, and Gravity Falls. His busyness is justified. And he did say on Twitter that nobody would willingly give up on HSR.
  • I actually feel like punching Tycho in the mouth for all his sexual chats and swearing.

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