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PC PN2 Beep Watch alarm chime sound

posted by Cry4dawn on - last edited - Viewed by 510 users
You know when people have digital watches like a casio watch and it Chimes or Beeps on the hour.

PN2 seems to do this a lot.. Almost like after all the cards are dealt it makes this sound.

WHAT IS THIS SOUND and how can we get it patched to turn it off? It does not sound like it means anything.. What is it?
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    MattP Telltale Staff
    I'm not aware of the sound you are referring to. If possible can you take a video and upload it to a file sharing service?
  • Play the game and listen after the cards are dealt out. You will hear a chime or beep sound. Never fails on my system. I have been noticing this on Omaha
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