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The All Bounty Club

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This thread/club is dedicated to those who've earned all the bounty in 'Poker Night 2'.

It must've been a pain-in-the-ass to lose often and try to meet all the bounty challenges, but it was definitely worth it...unless you bought the game from PSN, in that case, no it wasn't...seriously, premium themes are just lame.

Anyway, got all the bounty and the game was awesome, 'nuff said.

EDIT: Dammit, should've named the topic specially for Poker Night 2, not both games, sounds too vague...oh well.
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  • +1 for me too. Lucked out and got really easy bounties the entire way through. Even the Personality Core bounties were easy(hardest was win a tourney and never go under $10,000 which I got my second try).
  • I succeeded in getting all the bounties. Found the fourth bounty far harder to fulfill than the last one. (The last one actually gave me "Buy a drink for all players at once" as a challenge.)

    Also I have all the achievements as well, so yay. I still haven't gotten the Straight Flush achievement for the first game despite having spent almost five times as much time in that game. (88 hours for the first game--on Steam, anyway--and 18 for the second.)
  • I got all the unlockables Saturday night/Sunday morning. Items and Table stuff.
    spd12 wrote: »
    I got 'em all fairly fast. Whoo! Free stuff!

    Come to think of it, that blue core eye made me think at first that they intended for it to be Wheatley, but changed it at the last minute.

    Paranoid Core was actually the precursor to what Wheatley became, back before they decided to bring back Chell as the protagonist of Portal 2. It had itself in a room with turrets all pointed at the only door in the room and the player would use a broken window to portal in and scare the crap out it and then tote it around as a helper. They later changed it to the Wheatley we all know today, Blue Eye and all.
  • Finally got last challenge done, that was kind of pain, leading to getting the Glados core.

    100/100 :D
  • +1! I got my Personality Core just now.

    I'm not going to get that "We're the 1%" achievement. The way I play, I'll be lucky if I can get $1K in my current balance.:p

    I'm kind of curious as to what happened if I suddenly decided to play TF2. That would mean I would have, like 9 items automatically added to my account from playing both Poker Nights and getting the bounties.
  • Not only do I have all the bounties, I had to go back and get the Necronomicon and the Orb a second time because of the issue with Steam achievements when you lose connection. Is there a special membership for that?
  • Not just all bounties here, but all achievements as well. Represent!
  • Chivas Regal as well!!
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