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Less Dialogue Option

posted by Crono3 on - last edited - Viewed by 1.1K users
Really loving the game so far and the improvements they've made since PN1. However, I've noticed that there is no option for the amount of dialogue that you hear like there was in the first one. That coupled with the long dialogue sequences that you can't skip will make for a pretty annoying game after everything has been heard multiple times. After about 10 hours into the first game I set the dialogue on low and it was much more enjoyable. I'm not sure why they took that option out, but I hope they will add it in a future update!
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  • Definitely a strange decision.
  • Dedlok;791254 said:
    Sometimes I pretend that that she might just be saying it to whoever she knows has the worse hand at the time.
    I believe she said it to others besides the player, yeah.
  • Magic Emperor;791309 said:
    I believe she said it to others besides the player, yeah.
    Big mistake junior. -.-
  • I agree. The lack of options to skip or reduce the chatter seems odd given it was in the first one. Aren't sequels meant to improve upon the original, not remove features?
  • You have no idea how annoying it is to listen to the same 2 conversations over and over between Brock and Claptrap. GLaDOS chiming in about butts doesn't help at all. :mad:
  • Agreed. I've gotten to the point I just turn off my speakers:p
  • I wonder how many people complaining about too much dialogue are the same people complaining about lack of multiplayer.
  • furrykef;792584 said:
    I wonder how many people complaining about too much dialogue are the same people complaining about lack of multiplayer.
    I'm not bothered by the amount of dialogue. Even the repetition wouldn't bother me if it weren't for the fact that it's unskippable.

    See, I played about ninety hours of the first game on Steam alone, not counting all those hours I played the Telltale version before switching to the Steam version. I've gone through that game at least four times to unlock everything because savegame corruption wiped it all. So I got to hear almost every conversation in the game. (I say almost because using the Telltale Game Extractor revealed to me that there was a whole ton of stuff I hadn't heard, though most of it was probably unimplemented, granted.)

    After a certain length of time, the conversations became almost like old familiar friends. I could stand listening to a conversation for the very likely two hundredth time because I knew I could always skip it if I had to, or it'd be interrupted and not be picked up again since the "pick up where they left off" system was far less robust in the first game. It was also easier to tune them out since only two or three conversations in the entire game actually took control away from you, and the ones that did that were really fun to listen to so it was never a problem.

    But the key thing there was skippability. Being unable to skip in the second game makes it far more grating to hear conversations repeated over and over. Heck a few times I've heard a long conversation that takes away focus from the game, then the very next hand hear that same conversation! I don't have a chance to see the conversations as old familiar friends, as it were, because they'll be too busy annoying me.

    So yeah, my point is: skippability is all I want. Please implement this, Telltale. It's all I'm asking for in a patch. Everything else is fine.
  • OneTimeThing;791314 said:
    Big mistake junior. -.-
    The next time you wanna grill me, you'd better have better insults. *Snaps fingers*
  • Personally I don't mind. Games repeat sound assets, music and dialogue and that is just part of the gaming. What I think many of you are asking is to make the dialogue work so that it does not make you wait in the meantime.

    If dialogue begins really to annoy you, maybe it is just sign of needing a break.
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