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What would happen if...

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I found this game on SMBZ forum (back when it was active). Here's how you play it:

Person 1 askes a question in "What would happen if" style (you'll see my question as an example).
Person 2 answers on that question in a funny or in a serious way (even though we know which one is more fun to play with ;) ), and then askes a new question.

Use the most of your imagination! :D

Time for question one! Since I'm the one who started the game, I'll do the honor xD :

What would happen if Apple opened a bakery? (like iPwns and iSmacks weren't enough...)
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  • He'd refuse it. What was once a clever, creative, sexy company has aged terribly, and is now an unsatisfying, lazy, disappointing ball-and-chain who only cares about how much money one has in one's pockets. The spark that was once there is gone; the fire has died. George Lucas would probably rather not be in the same room as Lucasarts anymore, let alone welcome her back into his life. Besides, after her brief but harsh relationship with Disney, she's now broken; shattered into a million pieces; lost. She is no more.

    What would happen if God was one of us - just a slob like one of us?
  • For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life.

    What would happen if humans invented a (safe) means of fast-than-light travel?
  • Well, it wouldn't be safe, because the headlights wouldn't work.

    What would happen if capitalism didn't reign supreme?
  • Communism would: The result: the brutal death of millions of Americans.

    What would happen if I had the blues?
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    Jennifer Moderator
    You'd have to sing. Because nobody leaves this place without singing the blues.

    What would happen if the US Congress actually did pass a law that let orphan works become public domain in the United States?
  • IP-Murderer will kill all holders of popular works

    What would happen if someone finds a way to eat a cake and to have it too?
  • He would die of eating too many cakes...

    What would happen if overnight everyone in the whole world began to like videogames?
  • The world is flooded with COD players. Half the world cry about wanting games faster.

    What would happen if the perfect game was made?
  • It would be made but no one would ever see it as it is made by an indie developer who has no time to release it because he is to busy playing it...

    What would happen if Max was a downloadable character in Borderlands 2?
  • Everyone would die quickly from his hyperness.

    What would happen if Mickey Mouse was a character in Poker Night 3?

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