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What would you do if Larry was the main character ?!

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What would you do if Larry was the main character of the walking dead?!:D
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  • I'd turn him into an at least semi-likable person. Heck, maybe I'd enjoy making him a nice guy just to anger him xD. I voted to put a bullet in him because he's dead? And... his head was smashed in? And... I didn't like the guy, plus he doesn't belong with the living? Just wouldn't feel right, especially knowing in other playthroughs(not first mind you) I let Kenny drop the salt lick on his head.
  • Well, Larry's defining characteristic is that he's a dick, so does that mean that in order to stay true to the character, they'd have to make all our possible dialogue options dickish? Because having three different ways to insult someone in every conversation actually sounds pretty entertaining.
  • Larry is the best. He has charm coming out of his ass.
  • He'd spew charm from his ass.
  • Go into full-cover because flying salt-licks are after me!
    No really, though I'd get as much game-over deaths as possible!
  • Pinch yourself and Wake up
  • Playing as Larry would be kinda fun. First, you get to be a total ass to everyone, call Carley a bitch and tell Lilly to shut up maybe even get in a fist fight with Kenny. There would also be some tough decisions to make with the timer ticking down. You know Lee is a murderer but he has this little girl and got you some medicine. He seems to be helping out but then again he is a murderer ......what to do....
  • ^Answer: Walk away, yell at him, or punch him in the face!
  • He was an ass but I think if you got to know him kinda like what Brenda saint john said he's a softy on the inside.
  • I'll give you a guess...
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