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Rate the Last Game You Finished

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Title says it all. Rate the last video game you completed.

Professor Layton and the Unwound Future - 9.5/10
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  • Bioshock Infinite - 8/10

    I didn't really like the ending, it was cramped with a lot of details and explanations in the last couple of minutes, to make sure the audience wasn't lost in the story. Still a solid game though from start to finish, and I completed it all in one sitting.

    Right up the same alley as the previous 2.
  • I enjoyed the ending in the same way that I enjoyed the ending from Inception. It gives everyone something to talk about, regardless of how good it actually was.

    It's been a long time since I discussed the ending of a game in an intellectual manner of trying to piece together all the clues. Because there are so many. And the gameplay basically marks the most enjoyable experience I've ever had playing a FPS and Bioshock Infinite has now taken the place of Republic Commando as my favorite FPS experience.
  • The game was amazing, I was entertained throughout the whole thing. The ending was really good, I was both left shocked and sad. But it did leave me a bit dumbfounded as all the explanations came all at once in the very end all cramped in the last 10 minutes. I was just sitting there, "say what"? and didn't really understand what had just happened, so I had to go through some videos to have the details explained to me a bit better.

    I don't know, maybe I don't like to think that much. :p

    Ohh, and it didn't help that my final cut scene bugged out on me so I didn't see it. :p
  • Well, the ending makes more sense if you listened to all of the voxophone recordings. I did and I actually predicted it about an hour before I got to the ending. Not precisely all the details, but a good portion of them.
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    Jennifer Moderator
    I bought the BeOS and OS/2 combo of Hopkins FBI that's up on eBay so I could help ScummVM with their release testing. Wow. What did I just play? It was just so bizarre.

    I've never been stumped before on how to rate a game. I'll just let this review speak for me (although I didn't mind the puzzles, which is where my rating confusion comes in).
  • FEZ - 10/10
    A must-play title. May be my Game of the Year already.

    Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon 10/10
    Payed for it twice because it deserves it. Great game and the first shooter I finished in ages. Also without a doubt the video game soundtrack of the year.
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    I have a new game to add to my favorites. It's far ahead of it's time, encouraging light-item management and using top-down Metal Gear style gameplay for survival horror. The enemies have only one real basic attack, but they're extremely varied, imaginative, and disturbing. You'll get tentacle pinapples, giant Hell-tentacle creatures, penis creatures, possessed people, normal animals and people who are transformed The Thing-style by the powers of Hell, etc. It has some cool story beats, and almost every NPC is important. The English translation is shitty as....hell.....and the controls can take some serious getting used to, but you have free range of eight directions to fight from, so that's great.
  • Sounds kind of like xcom.
  • I should probably point out that my score might be higher than others may give. Dashing, Alcoremortis, and Guru watched me play through it, and they sure as shit didn't want to play it when I was done. But I loved it, and I'd play it again.
  • Injustice: Gods Among Us

    Now that the game is a few weeks old and I've been through the story mode, I think I can go ahead and say my thoughts on the game as a whole.

    Story 7/10
    I won't get too overly spoiler-y here, but let's get the elephant in the room out of the way first. The story shot itself in the foot from the very beginning by making itself an "Elseworld" story. While in hindsight, having it be an alternate reality is the only way to pull off a sequel later while having done certain things in the story, it still weakened the overall story to me. While the transitions from cutscene to fight were well handled, there were other aspects that weren't always well handled, such as some of the minigame-like elements sprinkled into the story, mainly one involving Superman that...well, should've been handled differently. I will say this much about the story, I like how it ends up being Superman that's called on to save the day rather than Batman pulling some magical Kryptonite BS out of his utility belt at the last second. Ended up being less fan-wank that way. Pros: Good story, great voice acting that tells the story, great characters. Cons: Elseworld story keeps it from being more intriguing, minigames sometimes stop the flow or become really odd with the character, and shorter than expected.

    Graphics 8/10
    I'll get this out of the way right now. This isn't the best looking game in the world, especially during story mode, and the blame for that can mostly be placed on the NPCs and the background. The very first cutscene ends up cutting to some Gotham cops that...frankly look very terrible. Not quite PS2 bad, but not nearly as good as they could have been. Sometimes the buildings in the cities don't look very impressive either in the story cutscenes. However, there are times when the graphics shine, and that's when we come to the actual character models and the stages for the fights. If the entire game had been given this much polish, then I would probably say it's one of the prettiest games I own. The actual playable characters are highly detailed, even to the point of having little hearts inscribed on the chambers of Harley Quinn's revolvers. Small details that you really won't see in gameplay. With only a few exceptions(Regime Killer Frost ughhh), I love the designs of the characters. The stages are also pretty well designed and the damage that occurs while the fights progress is neat. The stage interactions are also pretty cool. Pros: Great looking characters and stages and lighting. Cons: NPCs and buildings during cutscenes are rather mediocre.

    Music 8/10
    Not going into too much detail on this one since it's just music. The cinematics and gameplay music is pretty good. The only gripe I have is with the song that plays during the end credits. It sucks. Plain and simple, it doesn't seem fitting. Pros: Excellent score for the fighting and cutscenes. Cons: Crappy song for the end credits.

    Gameplay 9/10
    Gameplay is where Injustice: Gods Among Us shines. I truly expected it to be slow and clunky like Mortal Kombat since Injustice was also developed by NetherRealm Studios, but that's hardly the case. Battles are quick paced and brutal. Each character has a lot of different tools to bring to the table to make them all feel different from each other. This is especially noticeable in the cases of the huge brawny characters(Bane, Grundy, and Doomsday), the Lanterns, or Shazam and Black Adam not fighting alike. There's a definite emphasis on meter management and how you want to use it, whether to save it all up for a devastating super move or use it strategically to enhance attacks or use it to break a combo with the Clash system. My only gripes are that there isn't really an explanation in-game on how the Clashes work and there is sometimes some minor framerate drop from time to time. Pros: Quick, powerful fighting mechanics that flow very well, great controls. Cons: No real explanation on Clash mechanic, slight framerate drop.

    Overall 8/10
    While I'd love to give this game a perfect 10/10, that's not the case. But most of my quibbles with it are very minor, and considering fighting game stories, Injustice's story being short is hardly the worst offense out there. Injustice may not be perfect, but by god it is fun and it's become my favorite fighting game. Most fighting games I have, I tend to pick a few characters and never stray from them(Chun-Li in SF, quick characters in SC), but in Injustice, I have found that I'm able to play with all of the characters and have fun with them. It's definitely worth picking up, especially if you're a fan of the characters in the DC Universe.
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