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Poker Night 3 DLC

posted by Draken Stark on - last edited - Viewed by 1.7K users
Wouldn't it be nice if we could get more than just four characters in each game?
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  • IMO poker plays best shorthanded. Unless you mean there are more than four characters, but you still only face four or five at a time.
  • I agree. While I would like there to be an option for eight players, I think it'd really change the atmosphere of the game.
  • Eight players at a time would practically never let you move. It's fine as it is with five at a table, but I do agree that more than four guaranteed characters would have been nice. They could have kept the generic dealer and have had Glados been an extra player, for example. Even if this would mean 3 would cost $10 or more it would be worth the extra price tag to me, especially if they also build it from a new engine that actually knows the rules of poker.
  • Or we could have it so you start out with whatever new characters telltale will pick for poker night 3 then as you get tokens unlock the old characters from poker night's 1 and 2 and then some more from other games, that way we could get hilarious banter if we had certain concoctions of characters, it would be entertaining to see Heavy and Brock exchange stories or insult each other.
  • Here's hoping that they'll even consider returning characters.
  • Here's hoping that they'll even consider returning characters.

  • Yeah id like to see more then 4 characters, not all at the same time but have it like sometimes a character sits out but arranges their replacement like Max sitting in for Sam or Moxxie for claptrap ( just to use a few already used chars ) . could even have an option after all 8 have played that the player can call up a select set to play.
  • They would have to first care enough to fix the game first. I'm supervised that people want to discuss extra characters when they are refusing to fix the major bug issues of constant guttering freezing etc. I would rather they learn how to fix the current issues and patch first and the in stead of extra characters have a play with friends option
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