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The discussion of P.K.2 from Steam reguarding the cpu cheating.

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First, the site is below and some of the people really want the creators of the game to read or at least take notice to it so I am reposting the link to the discussion below. Please answer to it as the thread is really getting long and I am afraid that you will lose potential clients for the feeling of lack of support.

The link to the discussion can be found here:

Thank you and sorry for that.
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    Macfly77 Moderator
    Here are some quotes answers from Telltale employees on the subject.
    Feel free to share them over there.
    Jake;791003 said:
    It's not cheating. The game has no motivation to cheat! Why would we write cheating code into a game which is only fun when it's authentic? There's no money on the line, only unlocks which we want you to have. No cheating, I promise.
    ttg_Stemmle;791209 said:
    Speaking as someone who waded through much more of the poker code than our lead programmer was probably comfortable with, I can say this with a nigh-absolute degree of certainty: The amount of extra work that would be required to make the the game cheat (even a little bit) would've prohibitively annoying.

    And like Jake said, cheating would gain us nothing.
    HoboStew;785598 said:
    Yeah, there is definitely no cheating, even of the subtle "the computer knows what cards you are holding" variety. Definitely no card rigging after the fact.
    HoboStew;790592 said:
    I don't really mind the complaints, but what I don't understand is what possible motivation people think I would have to program the AI to cheat against you. Its not like I WIN anything when they lose. I am not getting updates on every bad beat someone gets, giggling to myself. Its just poker!
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    "Rule 4, no cheating!"
  • anyone else thinking these people shouting cheat is a rather sore loser ?

    yes it's annoying to have a 'nearly unbeatable hand' but coming so close to victory..

    only to be beaten by the one card the one hand that could beat them..

    for me it's arare thing depending on how you play and for how long..

    but insome ways you can predict it via dialogue and what the ai bets...
  • Milosuperspesh;793465 said:
    anyone else thinking these people shouting cheat is a rather sore loser ?
  • Dedlok;793467 said:
    me like :P

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    Profanity BANNED
    Doubt that it's a sore loser thing, people just don't like to feel cheated even if they're wrong about it.

    Poker Night can give that sensation sometimes.
  • I sucked at first, but overall, my total winnings have been positive for a while. I think if people Googled a few Texas Hold 'em tips and applied it, they would get better.

    I had a losing streak lately, but part of it is that stupid "win a standoff with a high card" bounty
  • It probably doesn't help that Glados keeps implying she's stacking the deck.
  • or the fact that the ai hates you for re raising but usually folds and you win.
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