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Generic 'Telltale should make...' thread

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Was this ever discussed as a potential license? The book series is immensely popular and I guess the license isn't too expensive since the TV series bombed. The stories contain quite a bit of detective work and therefore could probably easily adapted into a computer game, probably as a kind of side story to the ongoing story arc - I mean, there are tons of novellas and short stories already.
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    Jennifer Moderator
    Fans have been wondering what happens to the dead after they're sprouted for years. I always thought that the exploration of what happens to the dead when they are sprouted (or overcome by any of the other dangers on their four year journey) is ripe for a story, whether it be a sequel to Grim Fandango or just an exploration of the actual stories and beliefs on which Grim Fandango is based.

    However, I wouldn't like to see Manny or Meche be a part of any such story. Their story is finished.
  • I think Telltale should make a Fletch Game with Chevy Chase doing the voice. i was watching the first film on TV today and just thought it would make an excellent Telltale game , his an investigative reporter so you would get lots of dialog options (plenty of funny ones too to keep with Chevy's humour), he wears crazy disguises which would work well into getting information and getting places (also hilarious situations ensue) sneaking about places.

    I just thought it would be an excellent fit seeing as they had Back to the Future another 80's classic.:)
  • Hi there!

    The question is simple :
    What sequel-game do you want to see from Telltale Games?

    Sam & Max - season 4
    Tales of Monkey Island - season 2
    Back to the Future - season 2
    Jurassic Park - season 2
    Hector - season 2
    Puzzle Agent 3
    Wallace & Gromit - season 2
    The Walking Dead - season 2
    Strong Bad - season 2

    What game should or shouldn't have a sequel?
    What game should have a sequel first?
    What licence should have a Telltale Games (ex : Venture Bros - the game)?


    Personnally, I would enjoy another season of Back to the Future with better graphics.
    Then, I'd love to see another Tales of Monkey Island.
    And of course, as Sam says in Poker Night at the Inventory 2, Sam & Max didn't had a season for quite some time too.

    What do you think?
  • Strong Bad's Cool Game 5 Attractive People.
  • What game should have a sequel: Strong Bad (Even though it'll never happen.)
    shouldn't have a sequel: Wallace and Gromit (No shitty, cheap Wallace voice, plz)
    What game should have a sequel first?: Sam and Max
    What licences should Telltale Games own: Penny Arcade.

  • Sam & Max - season 4
    Tales of Monkey Island - season 2
    Puzzle Agent 3
    I think TOMI2 is now almost certain not to happen. I suspect Telltale might no longer be prepared to give the appropriate scope to Sam & Max. But I'd be disappointed if they couldn't find the time for another Puzzle Agent
    crash 1001;793395 said:
    shitty, cheap Wallace voice
    Ouch. You won't want to hear the more recent W&G mini-films they've made, using him, then....
  • Also the cost isn't the reason they didn't get Peter Sallis, it's that he's over 90 years old and video games take a lot of time and effort.
  • I didn't mind not having Peter Sallis too much...
    He won't be around for too long so I guess we have to get used to other wallaces...
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    Jennifer Moderator
    As Ribs said, Peter Sallis is over 90 now. We've probably seen the end of him taking on the role of Wallace, unfortunately.

    Luckily, Ben Whitehead's definitely improved his Wallace voice since Wallace & Gromit's Grand Adventures. He always had the inflections of the character right, but now he's got the knack of Wallace's pitch as well. In Musical Marvels, he was pretty much spot on.
  • I have to say...Gimme my season 2 of BTTF please and thank you.
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