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samson bowie knife help

posted by magwaaf on - last edited - Viewed by 996 users
hey i'm just looking for some quick help.

i unlocked the brock samson haircut/bowie knife and downloaded it and it told me it's been downloaded and won't be able to again. i logged into tf2 and can't find the knife anywhere in my inventory. anything i did wrong? any help is appreciated thank you.
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  • I am assuming you are playing the PC version, correct? Just making sure because you do not get the TF2 items from playing the 360 or PS3 version. TF2 items are only available from playing the PC version of Poker Night 2.

    There is no "download" for the PC's TF2 Items or Borderlands 2 items. The BL2 Items are activated using Gearbox's SHiFT program and the TF2 items should just appear in your inventory. The assets for both game's PN2 items were downloaded as part of prior updates to both games, just needs the data from earning the achievement (and in BL2's case, being part of their SHiFT program) to triggering adding it to your game.

    Continuing with the playing on PC assumption: Did you get the achievement for getting Brock's Item in the PN2 game? Because I hear that if you are in offline mode at the time the achievement won't unlock. If not, I suggest trying to contact Steam Support (with a link to a Steam screenshot of your bounty page uploaded to your profile. Steam's default screenshot button is F12) to see if they can help with possibly awarding you the achievement or helping you get the item.

    But if you are playing on PS3 or 360 do not try contacting Steam Support as they will not be able to help you nor do you have any TF2 items available to you.
  • i was not offline at the time. i actually cant get my offline mode to work. yes i do play on PC. its just frustrating when i wanna run around bowie knifing people to death like brock samson

    thank you
  • Just so we're clear, the Samson Skewer in TF2 is a misc, not a weapon. You won't be able to knife anyone to death with it. :(
  • Specifically it's for The Heavy.
  • Also make sure you've actually started TF2 then hit the alert that tell you that you have new items. Then they are in your inventory.
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