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Anyone else disappointed in the coverage TellTale has given The Wolf Among Us?

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I certainly am, we haven't gotten any piece of information in awhile and since this is coming out in summer it makes me even more nervous that they figured out it sucked and are just quietly releasing it.
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  • It's standard practice for Telltale to be very quite until very close to release time.
  • Have you seen the info about TWAU in the latest Game Informer issue? There's enough to keep you excited for the game.
  • Zeruis wrote: »
    Have you seen the info about TWAU in the latest Game Informer issue? There's enough to keep you excited for the game.

    Well that's part of the problem, a good chunk of the forum hasn't seen it. I've been meaning to renew my subscription, though I'm never sure if I should go Digital or Paper.

    Anyway, this isn't really out of the norm for Telltale. We'll get a slue of information, trailer, pictures, websites, talk shows, along with some kind option for preorder option in due time.

    From what I've heard, and the blurry, small, low-quality images I've seen. I am definitely going to preorder.
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    Ah, heck, we'll get coverage enough. I'm not sure how limiting the coverage to one (1) print magazine could help sales, but I'm rather certain that May won't pass without some good stuff for everyone.

    If not, the internet will somehow cough up that article one way or another... :cool:
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    Jennifer Moderator
    Game Informer eventually releases their print articles on their website. Their big Broken Age preview was in the same issue, and it's now online.

    If that preview is anything to go by, their preview of The Wolf Among Us should be online very soon. :)
  • Can anyone post a link on this thread when they publish their The Wolf Among Us preview online? I really want to read that article and see the pretty pictures :3
  • I imagine we'll get a lot of coverage at E3 & Comic Con
  • I do think it's troubling how little fanfare the game's been receiving, both from Telltale themselves and the community. Most times it's brought up at all it ends up being greeted with the usual "Don't care where's Walking Dead 2."

    If you liked The Walking Dead so much, you think you'd have at least a little interest for a similar game by the same developers.
  • I don't care about the walking dead 2, where's the wolf among us!
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    The Game Informer piece is just the start. I'm sure by the time we're coming up on release week the forums will instead be filled with "shut up about The Wolf Among Us already, you're promoting it too much" threads!
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