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Will you still play The Walking Dead: The Game Season 2 if Clementine is not in it?

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The first season revolves around her, it would be strange for me to play it if she is not there at my side needing my protection.

I would give season 2 a shot, but without the drama and emotional toll caring for and protecting Clem it wont be nearly as good as S1, especially without Lee and Clem.

At any rate, I will be pissed if she is no longer part of TWD game.
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  • Yes, I'd definitely play it if Clem wasn't in it, but I don't think the game would exist without at least a cameo of Clem. The ending indicates that someone finds her, and my theory is that's the season 2 protagonist and a companion. Now, whether or not they meet up with her early in the season or at the end of the season is debatable.

    I agree with many others here: I don't want to take the role of Clem's caretaker again. It would cheapen the relationship between Lee and Clem throughout Season 1. But I do want to see how she is at some point, to make sure what Lee taught her helped her survive.
  • I would still play it but the quality would be down a lot, plus more people will die without my moral compass.
  • I really liked the first season because of the emotional relationship to the characters and the choices you had to make. So, I will definitely play the second season even if they don't include Clementine. I'm sure the developers are able to tell another great story.
  • I would play it only if it has Clementine in it. She is a very important character the emotional bonding relationship with her and Lee was very special like a protector and father like-figure he was to her, now that her parents are dead and Lee gone she has to learn how to survive and what everything Lee has teach her I believe she will become a stronger person and knowing how to survive in this post-apocalyptic world with walkers, bandits, bad people I believe she will be stronger now. All the people she cared for are now gone and she will stay strong even more so than ever and to survive.

    I hope the story will strongly involve her and should be set right after the end scene where Clem is in the paddock fields and see's those two figures in the distance of the hill i wonder who they are? are they walkers? or Christa and Omid? will they come to her and protect her.

    I believe that Clementine will be a much more stronger girl than in season 1 she won't be scared she will learn to be a survivor this time. They should include flashbacks from Lee and her, and even her parents. What Lee has teach her will make her go forward and survive and knowing that Lee wants her to survive to keep pushing herself to move forward.

    If they don't include her in season 2 it will be very disappointing I might even pass on it, but i think she will be a bigger part in season 2.

    I hope the saves will transfer to season 2, because i was happy with my decision making. I was very nice and protective to Clementine and would like those memories to be remembered when playing season 2.
  • anonymau5 wrote: »
    If she isn't in the second season I'll be glad. If she is, Telltale will probably try to make us her caretaker again, which would just be tedious and dull. If she is in the second season, that's fine. But if we're her caretaker again, I won't play it. That would just result in reused story lines and would undermine anything that Lee did.

    I think it would be interesting to see us not in the caretaker position,I mean a bunch of people,me included chose decisions that maybe we wouldn't have done if Clementine wasn't there,for example taking the food,or killing both the St.John brothers. Though to answer the question,I will play either way,I am just a huge fan of everything TWD,except Survival Instinct,ooh,just thinking about it makes my blood run cold.
  • Will play it regardless. The game will be brilliant no matter what. I would prefer it continued Clems story as I think the comic is good because its continuos plot.
  • I'd like Clem to be in it, but to be somewhat like I imagine Ellie from The Last of Us will be like. Can definitely hold her own, but still needs some looking after.
  • Clementine does not appear, TWDG becomes any game, without history or plot, five stories, five destinations, another resident evil. That failure.
  • Oh well this sucks. I just posted something in a different thread that would have fitted in nicely for this topic. I'll quote it in anyway, sorry to anyone who has seen it then sees this DX I promise I'm not trying to spam...
    TJPguy wrote: »
    If an entire game series' playability revolves around one character, one plot point which if they removed would cause the entire next season to collapse and become instantly disliked without even giving it a chance - is it really a good game in the first place? Are you really enjoying the game if you're only playing it for one thing?

    Surely a close to perfect game would be able to easily keep interest going no matter the absence or death or twist. The other characters and environments (and story) should keep things going.

    So I just find it a little funny when people say it's the best game they've ever played but wouldn't touch the series again if Clem was written out/died/whatever.
  • I'll get season 2 either way, but I still really want Clementine to be in it.
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