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What would your comebacks be to some of the insults?

posted by Magic Emperor on - last edited - Viewed by 1.3K users
Just like with the first Poker Night, the characters have a knack for jabbing the player. Anybody thought up any witty comebacks if you actually played against these guys for real, not as a silent protagonist?
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  • crfh;793614 said:
    Also I'd probably answer every sarcastic remark by Sam by flirting. The more insulting he got, the more innuendo I'd dispense. Until he got so nervous he fled the table leaving me all the money.
    No no no Its Max who does not like girls! It could only work in Poker Night 1.
  • But crfh, you don't even like anamorphic dogs.
  • "Ooh. A check. I'll alert the media!"
    *takes out a camera and snaps a shot* "The name's Parker. I work for the Bugle"

    ("Hey Steve!") "Heyoo~" "Hey Steve!" "Heyoo~" "Hey Steve!" "Heyoo~" "Hey Steve!" "Heyoo~" Claptrap: AAaaaagggggh!

    ....Steve (Claptrap: $%#^%@$% ^@%^!@$%^@%$) ... "Heyoo?" Brock throws something at Steve and Steve gets knocked out. Brock: "Try that again. I dare ya"

    "Your turn, Blondie"
  • that's what you think!
  • GLaDOS: "If you only folded because you forgot the rules, just nod your head. I won't tell anyone."

    (holds up middle finger and 'nods' it)
  • "How am I supposed to make small talk with a mute?"

    "How is a dog supposed to be able to make small talk at all?"
  • Ryu-Chan;793630 said:
    But crfh, you don't even like anamorphic dogs.
    Anthropomorphic. Not anamorphic.

    On topic, though, I often talk back to the other players in both games. I also say out loud when I'm folding, betting, checking, calling or going all in.

    For example: "Guess who's feeling confident? You're wrong, it's me. I bet!"
  • Oh, I do that too. I say things like "I guess I'll go with this to the bitter end."
  • I think I'd rather just shoot myself in the head and die quickly than try insulting Brock Samson. :p
  • After GlaDOS says something to insult you, especially if she was wrong:

    (Pushes GlaDOS away) Hey, Dumbass! You were wrong the last 3 times! Upgrade from Windows 95 already!

    or maybe something like "Even Bill Gates could have written something that could have predicted the results better.... in QBasic!"

    "Your prediction success rate was even lower than Claptrap's!"

    "I haven't felt so much hot air coming out of a machine since I tried running Crysis in the middle of the Summer in Saudi Arabia with a busted AC"

    "Really? Even Watson after assimilating Urbandictionary could have come up with something more intelligent than that quip"
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